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Picture a photographer who discovers a centuries-old tree drawn in by its weathered bark and natural curves. The outcome of these photography art created from both these scenarios was authentically imagined through creative thought and an artistic lens. 

You may have the best decor, furniture, and lighting, but no room is complete without incredible artwork. The good news? There are plenty of art prints, paintings, and unique pieces to be found if you know where to look. Depending on your reference, fine art photography has many definitions and interpretations. A typically shared theme is that photography is initially captured and later used as art. Imagine a photographer searching out a particular landscape at a specific time of day and staging themselves at an ideal vantage point to capture a stunning photograph. 

  This article features around ten (10) best sites to buy art online. Across these sites, you will find various art styles at every price point. You can also purchase these arts from the comfort of your home. Art has never been so accessible. Whether you want to discover an up-and-comer, invest in blue-chip pieces, or buy graphic paintings, the art you like is just a click away!

Top 10 Best Places to Buy Art Online

Top 1. Nicki Geigert Photography.  Geigert’s impressive collection of fine art photography includes more than 100 limited-edition Wall Art of Landscape and Plants prints spanning countless subject matters. You can also shop images of natural landscapes, impressive architecture, human interaction, undisturbed wildlife, and much more. You can marvel at how Geigert uses elements such as shadows, light, focus, point-of-view, and color to manipulate the effect or mood of a photograph. Whether looking to decorate an office or a home, you will find unique art photography on Nicki’s website that captures the look you are trying to achieve. Choose to have your art framed or printed on canvas for as low as $29.

Top 2. Saatchi Arts. Saatchi Art boasts a fantastic collection of art at affordable prices. Original art (that includes photography, collages, canvas prints, oil paintings, and sculptures) starts at $200, and limited-edition prints at $95. The site also has a complimentary art advisory service, where a team of curators will build a collection for you based on your space or taste. 

Top 3. Artfinder.  Artfinder is one of the online marketplaces for original pieces of art all over the globe. The site sorts its offerings by medium and style, making it easy to browse the more than 200,000 pieces (including sculpture, abstract paintings, collage, photography, and digital art), all of which are signed by the artist. Initially, prices are $25, and the site also has dedicated services for interior designers buying incredible artwork for their clients.

Top 4. West Elm. West Elm is a place for all things tasteful: Rugs, furniture, home decor, lighting, and much more. They also have a vast selection of wall art. Prints, canvas art, and photography are par for the course, and they also stock 3D pieces, tapestries, and macramé art. 

Top 5. Tappan Collective. Tappan wants to nurture emerging artists by connecting them to seasoned collectors. This support extends beyond the internet, too. It has curated numerous exhibitions of its artists in assorted spaces throughout Los Angeles. On the site, you will find everything from handmade ceramics for around $100 to large-scale paintings upward of $10,000.

Top 6. Target. Target has lovely curations of fantastic art, including quirky, boho picks from Opalhouse and abstract, geometric, and modern artwork from Project 62. Framed or unframed, single or set pieces, Target has it all. 

Top 7. Walker Noble. Walker Noble is a design studio with a robust collection of lush landscapes and desert-inspired art. In addition to desert art, Walker Noble specializes in abstract and landscape art, minimalist line drawings, and nature-themed children’s art.

Top 8. Minted. When you think of Minted, there is no doubt that stationary and gifts come to mind—but do not sleep on their incredible art collection. You will find curated collections that feature independent artists, Black artists, and more. There are pieces in various mediums, including paintings, drawings, photography, and more. They also have unique and stylish options for custom art. 

Top 9. 54Kibo. 54Kibo features contemporary African art across mediums. The brand’s name was inspired by Kibo, the volcanic peak at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The shop has a fantastic selection of art, pillows, blankets, furniture, rugs, and more. The wall art includes beaded wall hangings, stunning prints—among which there is a collection by designer Lisa Hunt—and mirrors. 

Top 10. Etsy.  Etsy offers every type of art, from stunning black-and-white photography to bespoke oil paintings. Shop at Etsy, and you can take anything—your living room, home office, man cave— to the next level while supporting small business owners and artisans.

So what are you waiting for? Happy online shopping!

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