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A gallery wall is one of the most striking yet cost-effective ways to elevate a blank wall and bring personality to any room. Like hardwood floors or marble accents, this feature is timeless and will never go out of style. It’s great for showcasing work of arts while commanding the attention of the room. Gallery walls can be created to suit so many spaces: they look great in the kids’ room, a cool feature in your living room, and even work well by the staircase.

However, pulling a gallery wall of your own might feel a little daunting at first. There are so many elements to consider than just hanging the art as you please. Luckily for you, you’ve come to the right blog, we’ve got a no-fail formula to curating this feature. These expert tips promise to take all the frustrations of curating and executing a gallery wall to your space.

Start with the Art

Boring white walls? They don’t exactly give that homey vibe, right? But a wall art that fits your aesthetic and interest can make all the difference in your gallery wall. The trick is finding art that suits you, and sometimes the best way to find that specific photo is to scour the internet.

There are plenty of places to buy photography wall art online but personally, we prefer the photographer Nicki Geigert’s work. She offers a varied selection of original pieces that you can order in just about any size you’d like, framed or unframed. Whether you’re looking for ultra-affordable prints or high-end photographs, save all the wall space you can because Nicki Geigert have amazing pieces ready for you—once you see the art that awaits you, you’re going to need it.

Framing is Key

Using good frames—be it similar pieces or a variety—can elevate the look of the work and help to create cohesion in the larger context of the wall. When it comes to this step, choosing the most fitting type of picture frame can be a bit overwhelming. Between varying frame finished, display styles, and material, how do you know what will look best? Here’s a trick, similar color palettes for all frames offers a minimalist appearance to the wall, which can be pleasing to the eyes. It works with a unified theme like architecture or museum art. On the other hand, frame styles that are colorful lends the photos to POP! This even add more character to your wall.

Just remember, make sure that you choose a frame that best suits the work of art itself.

Find the Right Space to Display Art

Without a doubt, you’ve already an idea where to display your gallery art, and if we’re correct it’s the living room? This might be the common area to display gallery wall but it isn’t the sole place to display them. It can be by the staircase, in the office, bedroom, above and around the fireplace, on shelves, and even around cabinets in the kitchen. You can curate a gallery wall wherever you want. Even if you live in a small apartment, a gallery wall is still absolutely ideal. It can give a room real interest, depth, and a properly decorated feel without taking up any floor space. Consider even the small spaces between windows and doors when choosing where to hang photographs in your house. Placing pieces in these areas leaves space for people to stand back and enjoy more significant bits.

Don’t Overlook Symmetry and Balance

There can be a lot of trepidation when it comes to curating a gallery wall in your own home—but filling your walls with unique and joyous pieces requires no budget or prerequisites of the pretentious art world. The slightly tricky parts are selecting images that work well together and deciding on the layout. The most common layout by homeowners is a clean-lined, perfectionist positioning, because who doesn’t adore some symmetry. Here, the majority of the pieces will be the same and frames entirely in similar colors.

Nevertheless, opting for a grid that’s a beautiful mix of unconfined organization is also an excellent option. Pieces are clustered together but not necessarily in perfect alignment, this is suitable for those who loves order but wants to diversify their art in terms of size and shape. So what are you waiting for? Start nailing them now.

Finally, stand back and enjoy your creation.

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