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We all love an excellent Instagramable pic. When we eat out for dinner, we go to the park, stroll in the mall, or even just while driving, we want to capture that perfect pic for our Instagram story. Who doesn’t want beautiful scenery passing in their feed? At this point, having a good IG feed is a necessity. No matter your reason for creating the acc, you still want it to look aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. In 2010 Instagram was launched and is now a social media platform available to the public. Since 2010 it has been a go-to place for the latest and in-trend aesthetics. 

Ever since the launch of this platform, it has sparked so many trending filters and aesthetics. We can all remember those days when we were obsessed with Sierra, Mayfair, and Sutro filters that we needed to have in all of our pics. It was kind of scary to think that we would have no unfiltered selfie in our camera roll. In those days, teens and young adults’ heavy makeup and side bang phase were still on-trend. Then as time passed by, the idea of a good, aesthetically pleasing picture/selfie has changed. Instagram also went with the change. Saturation filters, Sunkist filters, or even Old Polaroid filters have been hot in the IG feed

The main subject of IG pics has also changed over time. We started with those over the head selfies, and we have a lot of vintage-looking aesthetics in our feeds. Now it’s a must to have picture-perfect posts. We need to have posts that are A+, so we might be struggling with how to take photos beautifully. So here are some simple tips you can follow to improve your IG Game.

1. LIghts, Camera, Action

The word “lights, camera, action” is a common phrase we hear from a director in a movie. But did you know these three words are also crucial for picture taking? When taking a picture, there are a lot of factors to look after, but these three are what make a picture neat and Instagramable. 

To break it down, all you need is (1) lights. You have to make sure that you have the proper lighting cause it can help in making the picture look good. It won’t be a problem with adequate lighting to have an expensive (2) camera. Any camera would work. You can capture a beautiful pic even if you’re just using your mobile phone. Then when taking a picture, you should take (3) action; there should be emotions and a message expressed through the photograph. It will help if you give importance to the light, the camera, and the action.

2. A little suspense

Give less exposure. You don’t have to expose the scene you are capturing. You need to add a little suspense to your work. You can give your picture less exposure when you avoid wise-range shots or wide camera angles. Let’s say you take a pic of your food in a restaurant and your date. You can keep a vertical picture that can capture your two main subjects. Some might want a wide range angle, but that will cause too much exposure to your picture. So remember that more is less and less is more. 

3. Picture Perfect Shot

When taking a nature picture or a picture of a particular moment, it is essential to ensure the perfect timing. You need to feel it. As a photographer, you can see and feel that this part is the capture-worthy part of the activity. You can sense that this is the moment that you want to keep in the memory of your camera roll. Perfect timing is one of the most needed elements for taking a picture. This help can be beneficial when taking scenery pics!

4. Learn and Improve

Things won’t be the best when you are still starting to take pictures. You still have time to learn and explore due to the vast number of possible aesthetics. Sometimes when we see those amazing pictures on our feed, we might feel overwhelmed but remember, you can still improve. 

Suppose you want to increase your skills in taking pictures. If you are around San Deigo, then you are in luck! You can attend available photo classes in San Diego, CA. You need to have the motivation and belief that you are good at taking pictures! So don’t stop and try your best and find new ways to improve your photography skills!

Don’t stop taking and posting those pictures on your IG! You may feel you are not as good as others at taking pictures, but nothing should ever stop you as long as you love to take pics and post them!

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