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Does your heart beat for taking photos of people and moments that are important to you? Can you feel the boost of serotonin after capturing important events, enhancing photos, and displaying them on different platforms? Indeed, nothing could ever compare to the joy that the art of photography offers. In the broadest sense, photography refers to the craft of capturing light using a device, typically through a digital sensor, to form an image. With the right camera and tools, you can even capture wavelengths of light, which the naked eye cannot see.

There are many remarkable photographers in the world, and they often differ in their styles, subjects, techniques, and the likes. Gregory Crewdson, Richard Avedon, Elliot Erwitt, and Vivian Maier are among the brilliant ones who stand out in this art. With the growing numbers of aspiring and established photographers, there are already those who uplifted their games and maximize the online platform — a great example is Nicki Geigert and her virtual gallery, Fine Art Photography Prints.

Moreover, what could be the reasons why there are many who have fallen in love with the art of photography? Here are the answers to your whys.

Ignites creativity and passion

There are people who take photos for compliance and fun, while there are individuals who capture images because it’s what they are passionate about and when they feel creative the most. It is already a known fact that photography is an art form; and, with art comes creativity. This aspect is an important part of a person’s life that can give them an extreme drive to develop their skills in this craft and aspire to become better. This can also push them to keep their passion ablaze and strive for career and personal development. Thus, it is more than just capturing pictures but also about utilizing creativity with a hint of passion for delivering a photo with a concrete message and story.

Boosts gratitude and appreciation

This is one of the most underrated and unexpected reasons. Probably, there are people who jump-start their photography journey because of enjoyment, relaxation, and passion. But as they move forward, they begin to become more appreciative and grateful for the sceneries and events that they can view from the lenses of their cameras. The ethereal parts of nature, meaningful smiles of people, enlightening scenes of society, and the likes have slowly impacted the hearts and minds of the photographers, which help them to develop a sense of great appreciation and gratitude in the craft that they have chosen that can radiate to their way of living and socializing.

Encourages connection

Connecting with others is important. It doesn’t mean that you need to be a social animal; instead, it stresses the significance of molding a connection to people and things that you feel safe and comfortable with. In photography, establishing a link between the photographer, the subject, and other things that are involved is vital. By creating and growing the bond, it helps both parties feel a sense of security and a boost of confidence in interacting with one another as a photographer and a subject. This isn’t only limited to human-to-human connection but also to human-to animal and human-to-nature bonds.

Promotes awareness

Every picture tells a story. Even without reading the caption of a photo, you can slowly identify the emotions, tale, and foundation of an image. Thus, photography is absolutely one of the best avenues for expression and storytelling. There are many photographers who utilize their talents to promote awareness about the different issues in society. Hence, in photo exhibits, online galleries, and even just in social media, there are many images that depict racial discrimination, bullying, poverty, overpopulation, climate change, gender inequality, and the likes. From these pictures, the public will become aware of what’s going on and will be encouraged to take action to gradually make a change.

Photography is truly a wonderful craft. It has proven its essence as the world progresses through the brilliant photographs that are more than just memories but are also deemed to be a representation of the reality and the world that we live in.

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