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Photo by Nicki Gegert

When it comes to virtual imagery, it is not so much about having images as making sure they give the visitor a sense of texture, size, scale, detail, context, and brand.

According to some advertising, 67% of online shoppers rated high-quality images as being “very important” to their purchase decision, which was a bit more than “product specific information,” “long descriptions,” and “reviews and ratings.” Studies found that vivid and detailed object imagery increased perceived ownership of the product.

Moreover, imagery can affect a person’s mood, even when unaware of it. Here, they flashed images across a screen, making it impossible for participants to be fully conscious of what they saw. Participants were then tested on feelings, cognition, and behavior. In the end, it was found that participants’ general mood reflected the images to which they were subconsciously exposed.

Why Insist On Stock Photos?

Alright, look, I get it. You are on a budget. You need an image that represents “happiness” or “freedom” or “corporate synergy.”

You have diplomatically explained to the client that they should be using custom photography but insist that you find a “better and a cheaper representation online.” You have also gotten that edgy vibe that they will invoke “the customer is always right, or I can take my business elsewhere” conversation if you push too hard.

So try to find the best representation of whatever vague concept you have. But the client loves it! It seems like stock photos were not so bad, were they?  

If you are still in doubt with unanswered questions, check out Nicki’s stock images on Adobe where delicate wall art landscape and nature photography are at their finest. From surreal eroded rocks on the coast of Australia, Majestic Wolf with distant snow-capped mountains in Alaska, to Prayer of a young Buddhist monk in a candle-lit temple in Myanmar, these are just some of her fantastic stock photos. Further, Nicki Geigert is a landscape and nature photographer specializing in capturing disappearing natural landscapes and wildlife in their natural habitat. All of Nicki’s beautiful images are available for purchase as prints. Be sure to browse through Nicki’s galleries, where I am sure you will find the perfect wildlife and nature image to order as a wall art print for your home or workspace.

Steps On How To Choose The Most Out Of Stock Photography

Step 1. See Who Else Is Using That Stock. This is where a tool (Google Imaging and the likes) comes in handy for a reverse image search and checking where else that photo has been used. Exert some time to investigate who else has used that photo and how they have used it. The least you want is to try to be unique or different by using an image everyone’s already seen.

Step 2: Check if you can get a Rights-Managed licenseIf everyone in the known world has not used the image in question, check to see if you can keep it that way. A rights-managed license gives you exclusive use of that image within the markets you specify for a specific time frame. They are insurance against anyone else using your photo.

Step 3: Ensure to get a stock photo that is for real. An image that screams “boring, generic stock” can become dramatic, creative, and engaging. Make sure that the photograph you have chosen is realistic imagery. This is because images like these can provide a powerful backdrop for a product shot or an actual model without having that terrible “stock” feel. Further, looking at the photo, it is as if the possibilities are endless with a strong concept. 

In Closing

If you must utilize stock photography, ensure it is on brand, not badly overused. In addition, do what you can to make it your own. Basic and advanced photo manipulation tactics can transform stock photos into unique pieces; they take a little more time to create.

But do not be afraid to take your photos, either. It is incredible how much quality is packed into smartphones and other less-expensive camera options. With some planning and basic knowledge of lighting and composition, you can take unique, high-quality photographs that better represent your brand.***

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