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Cleaning plays a vital role in one’s life. Be it setting our cleaning standards at home or the workplace or personal hygiene. Our brand image is essential. After all, “first impression last,” as the saying goes. 

A home is a place where you usually relax after leaving your workplace. It is the reason why most homeowners value their homes. Some of them typically consider home makeovers every so often. Others simply choose to hire professionals to paint their homes and the like. Home maintenance is not an easy task. It usually requires skills and time. You will note that most homeowners do not have enough time to carry out home maintenance most of the time. Most of them are generally busy in their usual places of work. Others are usually busy in their businesses. You must hire a professional for home maintenance service.

Moreover, finding a cleaning and maintenance provider is vital as a clean environment can often pay for itself in surprising ways. Below are the best seven cleaning and property maintenance providers in Utah.

Wadley Services. Specialty Cleaning and Property Maintenance Wadley Services is a family-owned company that believes that everyone deserves the best the industry offers. They are the ones who can provide it. For over twenty years, they have remained on top when it comes to cleaning and property maintenance in the entire State of Utah. Their services include window cleaning, property maintenance, drapery and blinds, rain gutters, and air duct and dryer vent cleaning. They are unique because they offer specialty services many companies do not provide. So if you feel like you do not have luck finding the service you need, feel free to ask them. And the best part is, if they cannot provide the service you require, they will do their best to find you a professional provider.

801 Cleaning Services. 801 Cleaning Services has over a decade of industry experience. It is a locally owned and operated company that keeps homes clean through cleaning services. Its trained housekeepers mop, dust, vacuum, and disinfect different home parts, leaving the property cleaner and clutter-free. They bring their cleaning equipment. Home and laundry organizing, move-in and move-out, and post-construction and post-event cleaning solutions are available. They also cater to commercial establishments such as offices and apartment complexes. 

Above the Clouds Cleaning. Above the Clouds Cleaning is a locally operated cleaning company that serves commercial and residential property owners in Salt Lake City and its surrounding areas. It offers a wide variety of cleaning services, including move-out cleaning, housekeeping, regularly scheduled cleaning services, and post-construction cleaning. Its team of trained professionals uses custom-made enzyme cleaning products that are safe for pets and children. Above the Clouds Cleaning has been in operation for more than three years.

Anderson Express Cleaners. Anderson Express Cleaners serves customers in Salt Lake City and its surrounding communities. The company provides various residential cleaning options, including general overall, spring detail cleaning, and extra scrub. These services include mopping, dusting, vacuuming, and wiping items in the bathroom, living room, and kitchen areas. They also assist clients with their move-in, move-out, and pre-and post-party cleaning needs. Anderson Express Cleaners’ professionals are available for one-time and recurring cleaning appointments.

  Bailey’s House Cleaning. Bailey’s House Cleaning is a locally owned and operated business serving businesses and residents in Salt Lake City. Their entire team carries out routine and deep cleaning of apartments and homes. Bailey’s House Cleaning also assists with tidying up after move-ins and move-outs. Its cleaners are furnished with a checklist to ensure that every area in the house gets cleaned. Further, the company provides commercial cleaning services that can be tailored to fit business hours and workflow.

Bella’s Cleaning Services. Bella’s Cleaning Services is a family-owned and locally-operated business that serves property owners from Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas. It provides monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly general cleaning services, including dusting, vacuuming, mopping, and sanitizing bathrooms and kitchens. The company also does specialized cleaning services, such as post-construction and occasional, deep, move-in or move-out cleaning. Bella’s Cleaning Services professionals have more than two decades of industry experience.

2 Local Gals Housekeeping. 2 Local Gals Housekeeping is an office and a home cleaning company serving clients in Salt Lake City and nearby areas. It offers essential cleaning services, such as home organization, customized home cleaning, office space cleanup, and carpet and window cleaning. The team brings all of the necessary supplies and can use any cleaning devices and special cleansers requested by the clients. 2 Local Gals Housekeeping was founded in 1999 by two single moms. The team now has grown to 40 women.

Holding a home to a high standard of hygiene may seem challenging at first, but it is ultimately rewarding for everyone involved. That is because cleanliness benefits more than just the physical appearance of a home environment. 

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