Access to water is ubiquitous. But in certain places, clean water is scarce — at times, unavailable. Families and communities struggle to obtain accessibility to the world’s most vital necessities, and millions are still vulnerable to viral infections because of it. In today’s society, it is relevant to be aware of the issues the world is facing. The ongoing battle of every human’s right to clean water is a dilemma — however, you can be part of the solution, and here’s how.

As part of the solution to better lives and help communities become healthy, let us know first how it all started and why there is an urgent need for us to get involved. Now, more than ever is the time to support water donation charities on Clean Water International!

A Brief History Behind Clean Water Projects

The adequate and equitable need for clean water has been around since the last century, especially in developing countries. Since 1990, WaSH — a project funded by the partnership of WHO and UNICEF. In 2015, the program was one of the United Nations General Assembly’s global goals, “. . . a better and sustainable future for all.” with which they aspire to achieve by 2030. Relatively, Clean Water International has been around for ten years participating in water, sanitation, and hygiene (WaSH) education. Moreover, the organization developed water supply systems that reshaped impactful solutions to the lives of thousands whom they have helped with the generosity of their international partners through individual, corporate, and nonprofit donations.

The Importance of Clean Water

The lack and unavailability of water supply may lead to detrimental health issues. According to WHO, billions of people still have limited to no access to safe drinking water; even billions more do not have sanitation facilities. Consequently, these problems will result in rapid transmission of diseases such as the current threat of the Covid-19 pandemic in high-density communities where an outbreak is a probable case. Furthermore, when communities are affected — children will miss the opportunity to be educated; nor parents will struggle to provide for the needs of their families. Therefore, every child and their family must have the right to a safe and clean water source. 

What Had Been Done So Far

Clean Water International has developed water system technologies that are sustainable to provide a clean water supply to the intended communities. It is also equally significant for the organization to introduce sanitation facilities such as eco-friendly toilets and handwashing stations with adequate water through the designation of various water systems such as the construction of wells and springs, rainwater collection solutions, and hydraulic ram pumps. Further, they have numerous water filtration options suitable for different neighborhoods across the globe — all built to withstand disaster responses or everyday use. 

However, to continue such a promising mission is costly — it also requires a massive involvement from private, public, and individual partnerships — to become one, here’s how. 

How Can We Get Involved

Sharing what we have does not have to be grand. Clean Water International encourages charities, individuals, corporate institutions, and nonprofit organizations to help better lives. There are various options to extend a hand in motivating others to do so the organization provides options fitted for all. For individual donations, you can choose to campaign us to your colleagues, create a fundraiser in social media apps, send an in-kind donation, or leave a portion of your legacy with us — we welcome estate or financial plans. As an individual supporter, you can also choose to donate one time or every month, donate stock or purchase anything through Amazon. A portion of those proceeds will help Clean Water International continue its mission in giving every child the right to clean water and sanitation facilities. The preferences mentioned can be navigated through our website donation page. Besides all these, you can invite companies or nonprofits you are with to aid water and sanitation problems.

In today’s society, we are privileged to alternative resources of treatment facilities and modern medicine. On the contrary, there is another part of the world wherein the essentials — such as a simple water source are nonexistent. We are all capable of leading charity; together, let us help reshape a healthier world for the foreseeable future where clean water is available to all.

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