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Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in San Diego can be difficult, but without it, my life definitely wouldn’t have recovered as quickly and as refreshingly as it did.

The decision to file for bankruptcy is not something that anyone takes lightly. But if you’ve been struggling for months on how to keep up with mounting debts, juggling credit card payments, medical bills, everyday expenses, and whatever, then perhaps it’s something you really, really need to consider because the mind is affected by finances and the stresses that come with it, whether we’re talking about personal wealth or the state of the national economy. People can’t continue living like that.

So here’s a personal account of someone who filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in San Diego

This is Sienna James (name changed for anonymity) talking about her journey with bankruptcy.

After paying for her elderly mother’s hospital stay and more, attending to her own debts, and simply trying to survive, staying afloat was quickly becoming a burden. So, after days and weeks of agonizing over things and a lot of deliberation, she went and looked for a law office.

A Personal Account of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy 

“I decided to seek legal counsel,” says Sienna. “I consulted a bankruptcy attorney here in San Diego.” The professional explained to her the filing process for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and how it could help her eliminate her debts and be granted a reprieve and a fresh new start.

Her counsel advised her to gather all her financial documents. “Including tax returns, credit card bills, bank statements, medical records,” she was told. “Even coupons, if they were available.”

“For those in the know,” Sienna describes, “poverty includes a lot of paperwork–and there was a heck of a lot of mine.” Luckily for her, the bankruptcy specialist was an ace in organizing, and they were both able to procure all the necessary papers in a timely and very organized manner–something that Sienna says she’s learned a lot from.

“When the detailed list of my assets and liabilities was finally curated,” Sienna explains, “I had much better grounding for my petition.” Chapter 7 bankruptcy may sound simple, but it’s very strict with evidentiary material, i.e., financial records.

Before filing for bankruptcy, people are required to complete a credit counseling course. Sienna describes it as a seminar on managing debt, learning how to budget, and using credit responsibly. “It was also an opportunity for me to talk about my financial situation with actual professionals, who helped me find alternatives to filing for bankruptcy.”

Unfortunately, filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy was her only choice. So, after completing the course, Sienna and her attorney began preparing for her petition, wherein she had to provide very personal details about her situation, from income to expenses and other assets to other liabilities.

Sienna’s attorney meticulously reviewed each section of her petition to ensure accuracy and completeness.

What Happens in Chapter 7 Cases

“After my bankruptcy petition was filed,” Sienna says, “I was required to attend a meeting of creditors.” This was an opportunity for her creditors to ask questions about her financial situation and reasons for filing for bankruptcy.

“The meeting was stressful,” she confesses, “but my attorney was there to represent me and answer any questions. I was relieved when the session ended, and I could move on to the next step.”

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is often called “liquidation bankruptcy” and the reason for that is because, during these cases, the petitioner is assigned a trustee who will be responsible for liquidating any non-exempt assets to pay back the creditors. In rare cases, this means selling everything.

For Sienna, though, she kept most of her belongings, which included her home, her car, and essential household items. “While it stung to sell off my fancy clothes and jewelry, I’m still glad about the outcome,” she says.

A Weight Lifted 

A few months after filing for bankruptcy, Sienna received her discharge. This meant her debts were legally eliminated, and she was no longer obligated to pay them. “The feeling of relief can be overwhelming,” she explains. “For the first time in years, I was free from debt. I could finally start rebuilding my credit and planning for a brighter future.”

Bankruptcy is not an easy decision for anyone, but for some, it can be the best path moving forward. “I encourage anyone to explore their options, including bankruptcy. It may seem like a daunting process, but with the help of a qualified attorney,” Sienna says, “it can be a steady path to financial freedom.”

If you need immediate assistance, please call (858) 564-9310 or visit the Bankruptcy Professionals Facebook Page. A Law Offices of Ronald E. Stadtmueller representative will get in touch.

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