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Bathroom remodeling is no easy task. Fortunately, One Handy Haole, a company offering bathroom remodeling in Maui, is there to help. Are you tired of how bleak or disorganized your bathroom looks? It may be time to remodel.

The bathroom is one of the household’s least essential and utilized rooms. After all, people are only ever seen in there when they’re cleaning themselves and never beyond that activity. But despite it typically meant for only a limited number of activities, the bathroom is still regarded as a significant and essential part of the house with its purpose for peaceful solitude.

Since it provides comfort and zen, it’s unsurprising that homeowners give full consideration to their bathroom designs. Comfort isn’t found in disorder and especially not in the litter. So, when something doesn’t look right within their space, most instantly decide to make a change. However, renovations are laborious. There are countless decisions to be made before satisfaction is achieved. And homeowners must ensure that they are genuinely satisfied since these are changes they have to live with for the following months.

While bathroom renovations are case-by-case, and no two bathrooms undergo the same transformation, the process is uniform across circumstances. Here are some renovation details every homeowner must know before starting their bathroom transformation.

Don’t Assume Contractors Are on the Same Page

When more than two people are involved in the same project, it’s safer to assume they’re never on the same page. Everyone holds different opinions and may execute the same process differently, especially on aesthetic matters.

Hence if there’s a single goal to achieve and homeowners want seamlessness and excellence, it’s better to break down information into the most straightforward terms. They must spell out every part of the plan and thoroughly explain every instruction necessary. Regardless if the renovation assistance is provided by a family member or a professional, it’s safest to understand that not everyone can be up to speed.

Don’t Assume Renovations Are Cheap

Renovations can be challenging, and because of this, they can also be pretty expensive. In 2016 alone, bathroom remodeling already cost $11,364 on average. Now, imagine how much it would cost in today’s economic situation. Unless homeowners only aim to change their tiles or repaint their walls, they should never assume they’ll only be spending a couple thousand.

Bathroom renovations are costly, from materials to professionals’ labor costs, but they’re an excellent investment. A low-grade renovation with fewer materials can run from a thousand to five. But if homeowners want to go big, they should prepare to cash out at least $20,000.

While it’s established that bathroom renovations are costly, homeowners are still advised not to overspend. Their bathroom space shouldn’t cost more than 10% of their house’s value.

Don’t Add a Statement Bathtub on Impulse

Statement bathtubs are called such because they catch attention and spark conversations. Whether this conversation is positive or the contrary heavily depends on the bathtub’s design. These discussions are only partially positive. Sometimes, these fixtures may also stir up the negative discourse.

Statement bathtubs may have become popular, but this doesn’t mean every household should have one. Instead of riding on this wave, homeowners must think carefully and choose a more practical choice. If they aren’t the type to take long baths, what’s the use of an overly dramatic bathtub? Homeowners must consider their lifestyle and, of course, budget before deciding on a bathtub.

Don’t Forget Accessible Outlets

Almost everything runs on electricity now. Hence, bathrooms must have outlets within easy reach. Where outlets will be located should be a crucial part of layout planning before homeowners proceed to execution. Nobody wants to redo the whole remodeling simply because outlets have been forgotten. Think of hairdryers or electric toothbrushes and lay out the outlets where they function most.

Don’t Overlook Grouts

Those little gaps between tiles may seem insignificant, but they can make or break the bathroom. Grouts seal dirt and water, makes up for size differences between tiles, and ensure firm structural integrity.

While they may be small and trivial, choosing the suitable tile grout also necessitates a thorough decision-making process. They can choose whether they want the grout to stand out or blend in for aesthetic purposes. There’s also a need to determine whether it’s in a high-splash zone to identify the appropriate type to use. And lastly, if the homeowners are okay with seeing them. Every answer to these questions can help contractors choose how to make the grout application.

Don’t Only Consider Remodeling

Sometimes, there are other options besides remodeling. Homeowners don’t always have to start fresh if something looks off in the bathroom space. The room may only need a re-organizing or a simple tile upgrade. Bathroom remodeling is one of many answers to an unappealing bathroom. But if homeowners genuinely think they must remodel, it’s time to contact a trusted contractor.

For Bathroom Remodeling Needs

One Handy Haole is a known company offering services like bathroom remodeling in Maui. The company understands that remodeling is homeowner-centric, and they prioritize every homeowner’s experience for their design process. Their professional team will guide them through the creative process and ensure that all, if not most, of their needs and demands will be met, as they believe that homeowners’ satisfaction is paramount to their success.

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