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ACS Affordable Cleaning Services offers professional cleaning and janitorial services to businesses, homes, and more all over the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids area—all at affordable prices!

Everyone wants a clean home, a clean office, and a clean space.

And that’s simple enough. 

You get a broom and sweep away all the dust. Wipe down dirty surfaces. Perhaps trim a hedge or two.

But not everyone has the energy to do so, especially when getting that proper cleaning to make that space look new and shiny needs more than time and money.

Think about it! For anyone wanting a genuinely refreshing space, you need buckets, sponges, scrubs, gloves, brooms, removers, brushes, towels, mops, and plenty more. That’s not even mentioning the liquids, the soaps, and the sprays you must remember—you can’t just use dishwashing liquid for everything, you know.

Simply listing everything and why they’re needed is another article someone else has to write!

Even more so, when time is sometimes in extremely short supply—there’s work and chores to tend to, appointments to attend—it’s challenging to look for more. 

Most everyone’s pooped out do anything else, let alone thoroughly clean their house or office.

Suppose you’re living anywhere in the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids area, and the above describes you: there is a simple and easy solution!

That’s where ACS Affordable Cleaning Services come in. 

With a medley of cleaning services all geared to guarantee customer satisfaction and a supportive, accommodating staff: they will have that space spick and span instantly!

What Makes a Good Cleaning Service

When choosing the best cleaning service, there’s plenty to consider.

A good cleaning service should always be professional; it should take the initiative and stay composed regardless of whatever its clients throw at them, as long as it doesn’t veer into the unreasonable.

It should also have a support network that integrates everyone from top to bottom, ensuring optimum service is consistently delivered.

A good cleaning service should strive to go the extra mile and exceed customers’ expectations to stand out.

But whether it is professionalism, effective management, or attention to detail, ACS Affordable Cleaning Services has that covered.

What’s more?

ACS Affordable Cleaning Services is always ready, from timely scheduled residential cleanings to meticulous commercial cleanings for offices, showrooms, and the like to post-construction cleaning.

Just give them a look!

What ACS Affordable Cleaning Services Can Offer

ACS Affordable Cleaning Services provides a comprehensive range of choices for what cleaning their clients want.

They even specifically provide carpet cleaning services and, more importantly, sanitizing solutions to help businesses and homes deal with Covid!

In addition to cleaning solutions, ACS Affordable Services also delivers moving and property management services for those interested and needing friendly professionalism and attention-oriented assistance.

Of course, without a reliable crew to dispense them properly, an extensive list is just a string of words.

Everyone in ACS Affordable Cleaning Services is adequately vetted and thoroughly trained to guarantee the highest quality standards. 

In pursuit of this, the staff is not above wading in the dirt to give their clients the best results. 

ACS Affordable Cleaning Services is not afraid to get their hands dirty, from the muddiest patio to the murkiest garden to the messiest bathroom.

By the time they finish with their services, you will be stunned.

You might even think that ACS Affordable Cleaning Services has a time machine!

With the highest quality services that ACS Affordable Cleaning Services can provide—whether for light cleaning or deep cleaning—clients are free to concentrate on other matters more worth their time.

Service is the key, and they even offer additional clean-up, free of charge, if the customer isn’t adequately satisfied with their results.

A Service for Iowans from Iowans

ACS Affordable Cleaning Services is for you if you’re anyone from the Iowa City-Cedar Rapids area. 

Having been in the game since 1997, the community is at the heart of every service they provide—at its foundation, ACS Affordable Cleaning Services is for Iowans from fellow Iowans.

Developing a relationship with local organizations like the Iowa City Shelter House and Goodwill, ACS Affordable Cleaning Services is deeply committed to the best quality service the community can rely upon, which is a guarantee. If you want the best, you won’t be lacking with ACS Affordable Cleaning Services

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