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If you’re looking for deck restorations in Makawao, it can be a great and wonderful experience while increasing your property values and enhancing outdoor living space.

We live beside the sea, so things get worn down quicker. As the years pass, our homes naturally undergo wearing and tearing, but when you have salt in the air all the time, it can be a bit of a problem. Couple that with your usual elements (e.g., dirt and dust), time, and regular usage; things do get damaged more visibly. 

We’ve had a deck since we had our home. And it’s the space that bears the brunt of the sea and its attacks. I say attacks, but I’m just talking about the natural processes that occur around it. 

This once vibrant space for gathering and relaxing has gradually lost its luster and become weathered, damaged, and unsafe. We had plans to host a wedding in our house, but because my wife and I completely ignored what was happening to the deck, we didn’t notice its terrible condition. 

It was when I was taking a big step and nearly broke the wood that we knew we had to have it restored.

Once a lively place for family barbeques and sunset dinners, it had become a shadow of its former self. The wooden planks were splintered and faded, the railings were wobbly and loose, and the overall structure showed distress. It was time for a makeover!

All Hands on Deck!  

The thing is, while I sometimes make a good show about fixing things, I’m not too good on that front. Frankly, I suck at fixing things—just ask my wife! So, with much deliberation, I decided to entrust the deck restoration to One Handy Haole, a professional handyman team here in Maui. I had heard positive reviews of their work and appreciated that they had some expertise in deck restoration. 

Hiring them had several advantages. They were experts with extensive experience in restoration, which is a good indicator that the project would be done correctly and efficiently. The One Handy Haole team was also particularly keen on safety, which is a green flag in my books. Lastly, they were very time-oriented, with timetables and everything!

Because of these factors, I contacted their handyman team and scheduled a consultation. 

During the visit, they thoroughly inspected my deck, assessing the extent of the damage and providing me with a detailed plan of action. They also provided me with a comprehensive cost estimate, which was transparent and fair. That is always a good sign when you’re restoring your deck.

Restoring Your Deck After Wear

The restoration process began with removing all loose and damaged deck boards. There was a lot. This revealed the underlying structure, which required serious attention. I was quite thankful my wife canceled hosting the party. The handyman team replaced the deteriorated joists and beams, ensuring the deck’s foundation was solid and secure.

Once the structural repairs were complete, they turned their attention to the decking surface. They sanded down the remaining boards, removing splinters and restoring the surface to an almost pristine smoothness. They then applied a fresh coat of stain, giving the deck a revitalized appearance like nothing had happened at all.

The railings were the next focus. The old, wobbly railings were replaced with newer and sturdier ones. The handyman team carefully measured and installed the railings, ensuring that they met the safety standards and complemented the overall aesthetic of the deck.

Finally, they added some finishing touches, such as replacing hardware and applying sealant to protect the wood from further weathering. The transformation was remarkable. My once dilapidated deck now looked like it had come back to life, ready to host countless gatherings and create lasting memories.

Throughout the restoration process, the team from One Handy Haole maintained open and timely communication with me. They kept me updated on their progress, addressed my concerns, and answered my questions promptly and professionally. Their dedication and expertise were evident in every aspect of their work.

I’m pretty sure that the restoration of my deck will prove to be a worthwhile investment–and restoring your deck will be too. It’s already enhanced the appearance and functionality of my outdoor space and added some value to my property. One Handy Haole played a pivotal role in achieving this transformation. Their expertise, professionalism, and commitment to quality ensured that my deck was restored to its former glory.

If you’re looking for deck restorations in Makawao and elsewhere in Maui, One Handy Haole will help you and more.

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