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As the first element that meets the eye, the house’s deck design must be well-thought-of to bring together the house’s whole theme and impress guests and onlookers.

55% of homeowners have renovated at least one part of their homes within the year, with an estimated $485 spent on such procedures. It’s an apparent preference between a well-designed home and a disorganized one. An excellent home remodeling is something any homeowner would readily jump on the bandwagon given an ample budget and a trusted contractor.

In the past few years, contractors have experienced a surge of individuals seeking their services due to the pandemic and primarily to improve their environment.

For the most part, homeowners focused on interior renovations, improving the spaces they mostly use for comfort. On the contrary, exterior remodeling was rarely considered, probably because only a few families utilize or realize the potential of these spaces for entertainment.

Decks are the perfect example.

Deck Spaces, an Untapped Value

A quarter of houses have existing deck spaces upon purchase. However, when homeowners plan on redesigning, these are typically left untouched and unaltered, regardless of their state. They’re left plain and bare, with only couches and chairs adorning them. Homeowners only consider renovating them once they’re deemed dangerous and unusable, a valuable element in the house left untapped and not maximized.

A deck space is an outdoor extension of one’s living room area. It can be utilized for relaxation and entertainment. Generally, it’s a space to make valuable memories with families and friends. Hence, if there’s any outdoor area that’s deserving of renovation, it’s the deck space.

One Handy Haole, a home remodeling contractor in Makawao, offers renovation services to maximize its functionality and aesthetic potential. A deck design can add value to the home by enhancing the outdoor space to complement the whole house. It offers an additional room that accentuates the yard and provides an above-grade space where families can bond.

However, with the many options available, this property may require an extensive and overwhelming decision process. Fortunately, experts like One Handy Haole can help homeowners make the right decision that meets their needs and demands.

Picking the Right Deck Design

Should they opt for wood decks, composite, or curved ones?

When deciding how to approach the deck design, homeowners have various factors to consider. From one’s preference to the deck’s functionality and visual impression, here are some must-haves to carry out before starting the deck renovation endeavors.

Determine the Deck’s Purpose

The deck design doesn’t only have to meet one’s aesthetic preference. It should also serve a purpose. There are numerous reasons to install and beautify a deck space, and determining which of these the homeowners want to maximize is an essential first step before drafting a design.

Do they want to accentuate their yard, or are they installing a deck to incorporate some safety features for the family? These options can help homeowners choose the appropriate deck design and size without hassle. This assessment can help them narrow their options and make an informed decision about the design process. It speeds up the drafting process while allowing space to consider the home’s architecture and meet the homeowner’s needs.

Aligning the deck design with a prioritized purpose helps ensure the space is sustainable and will last the house years before another renovation is necessary.

Select the Needed Materials and Maintenance

Upon establishing a purpose, choosing an appropriate material follows suit. Should they consider the aesthetic appeal or focus on the deck’s durability? Depending on the primary purpose, homeowners should weigh the advantages and maintenance properties of each material available. They may opt for composite or natural wood decking but must weigh the pros and cons of what they’ll pick.

Since a deck space is an outdoor property, homeowners must consider weathering resistance, fading, and moisture. They must also consider the maintenance they might encounter in the future, with some materials requiring more upkeep. For instance, homeowners must opt for a more durable and weather-resistant material in an area with lots of rain. If they’re worried it won’t fit their house’s aesthetic, they can paint over it for additional appeal.

Throughout the factors above, the budget must be strictly considered. While achieving the desired aesthetic and purpose is the goal, all these won’t matter if the deck design exceeds the budget. What good use is a functional and beautiful deck if financing it is troubling?

Consider the Wear and Tear

The deck is susceptible to wear and tear because the floor requires more protection than the other interior elements. Upon enhancing the deck’s appearance, homeowners must consider the deck’s shade and finishing. They would need durability concerning their seal or a paint option. Remember, decks require regular cleaning. Hence, homeowners must ensure it’s more durable when picking paint and finishing material.

In addition to a durable material, they must also consider an appealing color combination for the deck design. They can create a scheme of dominant, secondary, and accent colors for the best combination. They must also choose colors that complement the surrounding landscaping above the house’s overall ambiance and theme. A deck design must consider the space’s purpose, color, and materials. Building it can be taxing when homeowners work with non-experts and the wrong contractor. To expedite the process, contact One Handy Haole for any deck renovation needs.

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