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One Handy Haole is the best and most reliable in offering flooring installation in Makawao, Hawaii. They have the most experience and the best team out there.

When I decided to renovate my home, one of the most significant decisions I had to make was what type of flooring to install. I wanted something durable, stylish, and affordable. After doing some research, I decided on hardwood flooring. I knew that hardwood flooring was a significant investment, so I wanted to ensure that everything was going to end up well.

I got quotes from several different flooring companies and eventually decided to go with One Handy Haole, a group with a fairly satisfactory reputation and a competitive price. The representative from One Handy Haole arrived at my home to measure the space and discuss my options. He was quite friendly, straightforward, and very, very accommodating with my ideas. We finally decided to go with pre-finished hardwood flooring since it would save me a lot of time and money on the finishing.

A Great Flooring Installation Experience

The flooring installation process took about two days to complete (which was quicker than I was expecting). The One Handy Haole was conscientious and meticulous in their work all throughout the time they were there. They ensured that everything was installed correctly, with no gaps or unevenness, so that I wouldn’t need to call them a week or two from now because I was going to find an odd step here or there. I still haven’t felt any discrepancy whatsoever in the flooring. If I’d let my husband do all the work (as he insisted we do), maybe things would’ve gone another way, but I’m so glad it didn’t.

Once they finished installing the flooring, the team handily and thoroughly cleaned the area and took away all the debris. They also gave me some pointers on how to take care of things since no one in the family was relatively experienced with this kind of hardwood flooring.

I was incredibly delighted with the flooring installation process done by One Handy Haole; they were extremely professional, considerate, and efficient. They did a great job installing the new hardwood flooring, which has already garnered a lot of positive reviews from all my neighbors.

The Whole Installation Process

Here’s a day-to-day account of what happened, from when the One Handy Haole arrived to when they finished the project.

Day 1 of the Installation

The team arrived at my place early in the morning of the scheduled date. They were very professional and courteous–some of them were even quite careful not to dirty the foyer (which would have been all fine and good; they were tiled anyway!). The first thing they did was remove the old flooring and prepare the subfloor for some handiwork.

To remove the old flooring, they had to loosen and remove the planks with a pry bar and a hammer. They were incredibly cautious not to damage the subfloor, not even a single scratch.

Once the old flooring was removed, the team inspected the subfloor for any damage. They repaired any minor wear and then sanded the subfloor clean to create a smooth surface for the new flooring. It practically looked as good as new.

Day 2 of the Installation

The second day was when the team began installing the new hardwood flooring. A vapor barrier was laid down so the subfloor could be protected from moisture. The team also installed a layer of underlayment to cushion the hardwood flooring and reduce the noise they were bound to be making.

Once everything was laid down and ready, the team began installing the hardwood flooring: installing a row of flooring along the room’s perimeter, which they then used spacers with to ensure that the flooring was evenly spaced.

The hardwood flooring was installed, one row at a time, very quickly and efficiently, lending much credence to their experience and professionalism. A nail gun was used to attach the flooring to the subfloor.

Once the hardwood flooring installation was finished, the edges were sanded thoroughly to give everything a polished and smooth finish. A sealant was also applied to the flooring to protect it from moisture and stains.

Final Thoughts

I was delighted with everything. The team was professional, courteous, and efficient. They did a great job installing the new hardwood flooring, and I’ve been the envy of the neighborhood housewives ever since!

If you’re looking for reliable flooring installation in Makawao, Hawaii, One Handy Haole is your one handy choice!

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