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A new year has now begun! 2021 was seriously not a fun year, that year has brought hardships and troubles, yet we know that things are slowly getting better. There are vast speculations about how 2022 will start in different beliefs and cultures, we have different views, but we can all agree that we are hoping for the best for this year. Because of the pandemic, days passed by as fast as the light. We spent so many hours not going out as much as possible that time just became a waste. We have spent so much time recently inside our home, so it wouldn’t hurt to give it a little bit of makeover.

To get ourselves and our lives ready for the new year, we need to get our homes ready. A good home is the start of a good year. There are a lot of superstitions about home design for the year 2022. We can still believe that the home can give us a booster to be positive towards the new year. In our life, we need to always look towards the future in bright light. So let’s prepare ourselves for 2022 and start it fresh. Our home is our safe place so let’s make it 2022 ready!

  • Color Me Good!

A fresh start is a fresh new visual in your house. We need to have a new color in the vicinity of our home. Colors in our home can give that kick start that we badly need. The new sight of hue can give us that new, fresh and uplifting spirit that we want to have for the year 2022. I can’t dictate what color you should put on your house, for we need to make our home feel like home. Make sure that the color you choose will please your eyes and heart. You can look at vast color combinations online to ensure that your eyes are pleased with what they see. 

Just a little information, some people believe in luck and fortune brought by a color. Asian cultures use the hues red and gold to signify prosperity and fortune. Many also believe that the announced Pantone color, which is Very Peri (A close hue to purple), can give happiness and good luck for the year. 

  • Perfect Furnish

Buy or Change, two options are on your table that you can pick. When re-furnishing your home, you can either buy new stuff to add to your home or change the old furniture you don’t want anymore. Sometimes, when looking at our home, we have particular objects or furniture we wanted to leave in 2021. These types of furniture may have bad memories that we don’t want to retain for 2022, so we should change them. If you also feel sentimental about your furniture, you can still have them and buy new stuff to add to your home.

  • Complete Carpeted

If we are changing the colors of our walls, then it is a must for us to change our carpets and floorings. A good wall should have a suitable and compatible carpet for we want our home to look at uniforms as possible. This harmonized carpet and wall combination can help us be centered and organized in 2022. You can easily find some Carpet Installation in Ham Lake, Minnesota, so that it wouldn’t be a problem for you. Most of these carpet installations are affordable and will do their best in their works. So look for one now and start making that floor ready for 2022.

  • #newstyle

This step is an optional step to take. Usually, we want to have a new style when a new year comes. Each home has its style, and it could be vintage or modern. We want to spice things up. Change doesn’t always mean to scrap your previous style altogether. You can still have the original style you prefer, but you can now be open to changes. You can combine modern and vintage pieces or add western and antique designs to your home. You can go through many in-trend home styles and maybe find that new 2022 home design for your taste.

  • Plant Perfect Plants

A new home should have a literal fresh feeling. The idea of plants has been a new trend in home designs. Many have been into plants with the vast effect of social media and will likely continue to grow in 2022. If green is not a complimentary color in your house’s color palette, look for colorful plants or flowers that you can still put in your home. With a fresh home and aura, your home is ready for 2022!

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