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Drywall textures are incredibly pleasing to the eyes, so if you are a homeowner looking for drywall/texturing services in Maui Island, One Handy Haole will help you.

For many, drywall is a trivial thing, but it is actually one of the most important parts of the house, whether you are looking at things for their aesthetics, practicality, or whatever. 

First off, drywall (otherwise known as a wallboard, sheetrock, a gypsum panel or board, or a buster or custard board, is basically a sheet of gypsum sandwiched between two paper boards. 

What makes drywall very important is its flexibility, which primarily finds usage within the interior sides of walls and ceilings. Drywall is also very cheap when compared to using stone or other materials to cover your interior spaces.

Drywalls first began to see consistent use during the middle of the 20th century, starting in North America. Drywall quickly began to replace lath and plaster after its introduction.

Hanging the Drywall

While drywall on its own doesn’t really leave much for the imagination, drywall textures can. Texturing your drywall involves the process of smearing a decorative layer of material over the drywall’s surface in an attempt to create some variety and irregularity in the original smoothness of the drywall.

While providing better and more interesting aesthetic qualities, drywall textures also have the added benefit of hiding imperfections and breakage in the drywall, like seams, nails, and screws. 

Adding drywall textures can be challenging and time-extensive, such is why it is very important that you find reliable handymen to help you reach your goals. So, if you are looking for drywall/texturing services in Maui Island, I highly recommend taking the time to call One Handy Haole.

Benefits of Drywall Textures

Being a homeowner, I am very appreciative of the many elements that make up my home and other people’s houses. That is why I take great pains to make my spaces both practical and pleasing to the eye; such is why I adore the use of drywall textures!

While simple at its most basic, drywall textures are highly variable and can create a diversity of different looks and feels. There are plenty of types of drywall textures that range from smooth minimalist monocolored finishes to heavily textured touches that employ a wide range of colors. Each, of course, employs its own unique benefits for the house.

But I will be speaking in generalities here.

A very significant quality of drywall textures is their ability to cover up imperfections. You see, no matter how much effort you put into constructing a wall, the chances of it acquiring bumps or dents during the whole process are quite high. By adding some texture, you not only beautify an otherwise bare wall but also disguise whatever faults and flaws it has. Textures are a great way to create seamless surfaces that look immaculate and pristine to the naked eye.

In addition to creasing out some cracks and whatnot, drywall textures add wonderful depth and character to a space. While there has been a noticeable trend toward minimalist interiors, a smooth and flat wall often becomes bland and uninspired, but a textured wall? There is visual interest there and creativity. It also establishes a dynamic quality in the whole room. If you are playful and open-minded, you can take advantage of drywall textures and create a specific ambiance that can range from cozy to rustic to sleek to modern.

A subtle benefit that drywall textures provide is their ability to dampen noise. If you have a perfectly flat floor and ceiling and perfectly flat walls, sound bounces off of it easily, making the room noisier than average and creating echoes whenever. This makes for very chaotic spaces. On the other hand, if you texture your walls, the irregularities on the surface make it easier for sound to be dispersed. This makes drywall textures useful in areas that tend to be noisy, like a playroom, or spaces that require quiet, like a personal study.

Of course, like any other aspect of home improvement, drywall textures do require some maintenance and a bit of upkeep. But for me, the benefits outweigh the negatives.

Reaching out to One Handy Haole

If you are thinking of trying out drywall textures for your home and need expert advice on the matter, for those living in Hawaii, reach out to One Handy Haole through these methods:

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Or visit them in Makawao, Hawaii.

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