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Have you received a plant or bought one that caught your eye, only to have it slowly die in your home? Or thought, “What is their secret?” How do these guys with a seemingly natural green thumb do it? Cuddle up with your favorite pothos, and read on. 

I certainly have a brown thumb instead of a green one. Fortunately, after much trial and error and research, I improved at keeping my house plants happy and alive. I kept them happy and alive, and they began to increase. What made the difference? A little know-how means having the right tools for the task.

And so, if you want gorgeous houseplants that provide clean air and beautify your home for years to come, read on.

We will examine the tools you need to keep your plants healthy and happy. The best lump is that everything you need is not costly. A lot of the items in this list are things I see in thrift stores and in Blumat vacation houseplant watering, where they make some of the best products to keep your houseplants watered correctly, keeping them healthy and happy.  

I am breaking this down into two (2) lists. The first one is all about must-have items. These are the tools every house plant heir must have. The second list is tailored more towards things that are nice to have. They are not essential but may make caring for your plants easier or be a specialty item needed for a specific kind of plant.

The Must-Have Essentials

1. Watering Cans. It is best to have a watering can on the smaller side for indoor plants. Ditch the big cans with the sprinkler head. Many plants must be watered at the base under the leaves or from the crown. Choose a watering can with a narrow and long gooseneck style spout to make controlling your water flow smooth and precise.

2. Gloves. Having a decent pair of gardening gloves for repotting is a good idea. Because you would not be dealing with tough weeds or other heavy-duty gardening tasks, you do not need anything very rugged.

3. Pots and Planters. “Plantitas” always try to keep a few planters on hand. Sometimes you will need to repot a plant, or you might come home with a new one and need something more pleasant than the nursery pot in which it comes.

4. Spray Bottle or Plant Mister. Most of my house plants are from tropical regions, so they do better in a more humid environment than in a usual household. Keep on hand a fine-mist spray bottle of water. Many kinds of plants enjoy having their leaves misted, and in doing so, you are increasing the humidity around them.

The Nice To Have Goodies

Most of these items make taking care of your plants a little easier, help with propagating, or are items that you will use if you get into training plants to grow in a specific direction.

  1. Watering Globes. Watering globes allow you to take a trip out of town or be a little forgetful without losing a plant. You can also get them in different shapes; I adore these mushroom watering globes.
  2. Gardening Scissors. Gardening scissors are a must when you have house plants. Whether you plan on propagating or have a leggy spider plant that needs a trim, you will definitely need a pair of sharp scissors.
  3. Small Gardening Tools. When it comes to house plants, full-sized gardening tools are overkill most of the time. They are too big for the smaller plants and pots you are using.
  4.  Vermiculite, Peat Moss, Worm Castings, Perlite, Bark Chips. As you become accustomed to feeding and watering your plants, you may observe that some plants are happier with a fast-draining potting mix or dry out faster than others. And that is when it is time to take matters into your own hands.

In Closing

Creating a jungle-like environment in your home, like most hobbies, is easier when you have the right tools for the job. Of course, you do not need to purchase all of these at once. Some you may never need at all. But knowing what is useful is half the battle. With a well-stocked plant care tool kit, you will be on your way to a lush, green home filled with perfect plants and clean air.

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