The carpet industry has been around for centuries, yet its origin is still unknown. However, the Pazyryk carpet is the oldest known carpet dated back to the 5th century B.C. The Pazyryk carpet is a pile carpet rug uncovered in a Siberian Burial Mound in 1949. Years before the uncovering of the first carpet ever made, the carpet industry in the United States was already emerging in the late 18th century.

The carpet industry is continuously thriving. Since the first-ever carpet discovered in a Siberian grave — it has adapted numerous ways to create and produce a historical and artistic masterpiece. They are originally handmade — and a majority of these carpets in Middle Eastern countries are still hand-knotted. The intricacy and detail of such works of art make them of premium quality. Today, in the advancement of modern technology, the industry has shifted to mechanize its production while still ensuring superior quality.

In a Disney movie, Aladdin (1992) features a magic carpet character that flies. However, in most homes, carpets are expertly installed by professional carpet companies. One company, such as Don Nash Flooring, offers a variety of premium quality carpets and expert installation services. They provide a convenient option of bringing samples right to your doorstep. Moreover, carpets are a multifunctional part of modern homes. Here are the reasons why:


Different carpets and rugs offer unique designs — from their color combination — to the kind of textile used; they add an element of character to your homes. Everyone wants to customize their homes to suit their style. Attributing detail to your home makes it a distinctive part of you as an owner. You can always opt for designs that will fit the theme of your home. Carpet designs are endless. You do not have to worry about not being able to choose one that is perfect for you!


Many homeowners are finding a way to cost-effective living. Carpets are known to exceptionally support home insulation. Thus, providing warmth and comfort. According to a carpet and tile cleaning company, Dr. Chem-Dry, carpets can save your energy consumption by increasing your home’s ability to retain warm and cool air. Everyone wants to reduce their energy bill while maintaining their home as cozy as possible. Right? 


Depending on the thickness of your carpet, it can prevent fragile objects from breaking. All homes own glasswares homeowners use every day. Relatively, having a carpet or rug will decrease the chance of breakage.

It is also the perfect solution to accidental slips; in some worst cases might lead to injury. More importantly, if you have children, you would want them to be safe in the comfort of your home. Thus, a carpet is a home must-have.

Sound Absorption

Sometimes, you consciously do not want to annoy the neighbors on Saturday karaoke nights, do you? Installing a carpet in your home reduces noise and sound resonance. It means that in most concrete-built homes, echos are nonexistent. Further, if you are into recording music or videos, working from home, attending Zoom meetings — carpets are a built-in noise cancellation. In addition, on wooden floors, it eliminates the squeaky surface noise our shoes make.

Cultural Symbolism

Most rugs and carpets have intricate designs. Some may also have cultural symbolism — such as how handcrafted Middle Eastern carpets hold meaning through different patterns. Each one has a concept and a hidden meaning — all of which connect to their history, religion, and culture. If you happen to be into memoirs of world history and heritage, you might want to look into a piece of carpet, rug, or tapestry to add to your home. 

Art Appreciation

Every carpet, rug, and tapestry are artforms. The attention to detail in each piece is exceptional. Moreover, the effort — woven and knotted by hand — and the amount of time that has brought each textile into existence is respectable. Everyone appreciates art in all forms. Therefore, if you are a fan of art and hard work, consider buying a carpet now!

Whether you live alone or with others — what truly completes a home are intangible things like love, peace of mind, success, and happiness. All of which are definitive on your terms. However, sometimes — a multifunctional home decor, such as carpets, contributes to a well-rounded home.

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