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You know that time when you just woke up, and you have that immediate smile on your face. You then leave your bed with such energy and readiness for the day to begin. You become so excited and energized that even the people around you start to be happy as well. You then go ahead and shower, then get yourself ready for breakfast. Everyone asks, “Why are you such in a happy mood?” without them knowing that you know this is the day that you’ll finally go to buy and obtain a new K-pop album. 

If you’re a fan of K-pop, you know that an album is essential and precious. To a collector of K-pop merch, these albums are essential must-haves they need to acquire. To a rock-solid stan, these albums have a special place in their hearts. To a broke stan, like myself, these albums are as precious as a diamond. So there is indeed no denying that these albums are essential. These albums should be taken care of and handled with care.

That’s why when a fan or collector needs to unbox these albums; it requires the correct procedures. The idea of how to unbox albums is a piece of common knowledge but to film the unboxing video, how can this be done correctly? Here are some tips that I can give you. I hope this can encourage more fans to make unboxing videos, for they are indeed entertaining to watch.

  1. #prepared

Our albums come in packages. If you buy online, they come in boxes, and if you bought them at a store or local K-pop shop, they are sealed tightly and secured. The first step in unboxing is to ensure you have all you need before filming the video. You can’t proceed to film and only have the album or package in your hand. The first essential is your cutting tool; you need sharp knife edges. Your cutting tool must be in good condition to cut effortlessly through the packaging. Be cautious also in not cutting too deep. You must also prepare your photocard binder to store your pulls.

2. “Let me introduce myself.”

After getting yourself prepared, introduce the album. The introduction can be the part to plug your faves on your videos, a brief introduction about the artist will do. You can also highlight the album and the knowledge you as a fan know about it. Your introduction can make the non-fans that view the video informed about the album and the artist that produced the album. I knew non-stans who decided to stan a group because of one unboxing video that they just saw online. So the introduction is indeed essential. 

3. Snapshoot

I’m not talking about Seventeen’s “Snapshoot” or anything else; I’m talking about you doing some snapshot of the album. You don’t need to have those fancy backgrounds, and you just need clear lighting. You can insert these photos in your videos or use them for social media. A clear view of the product can make it look exciting and clean. So take a clear picture of your album and everything in it!

3. The Goodies

Like eating, you don’t just get one dish; you get multiple. The given illustration is the same with K-pop albums; we all know that companies include goodies that accompany the albums we buy. These goodies must be shown in your video and have their spotlight. These might just be goodies, but we all know these are as precious as the album itself. These goodies are exciting to unbox, especially since they are random. Some of these goodies that you might be familiar with are posters, coasters, holographic images, and photo cards. We all know that the photocards or the pulls will be one of the highlights of your video. Make sure that these goodies are clear to see.

4. The Freebies

Now, this step is for those who buy their albums online. Sellers usually include freebies in your package. These are heartwarming gestures that can make you want to buy more. The freebies are usually lomo cards, printed images, polaroid cards, or unofficial merch. The freebies you have received from the buyer are lovely gifts that you can also flaunt in your videos. So make sure to let this act of kindness flaunt everybody. 

5. “Lastly…”

Never end without your last thoughts. You can end the video with the album’s appearance, design or construction, the music of the album, and anything else you want to put out. If the artist published the album with a music video, you could take this time to encourage people to stream the music video. With all of these elements combined, you have now filmed the perfect unboxing video!

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