As the earth goes through its constant transformation, natural disasters exist with it. We cannot escape the short-term and long-term effects of earthquakes, tsunamis, or hurricanes. I can still vividly remember my very first earthquake experience. It scared me big time, seeing the telephone lines sway and hearing the people on the streets shriek. No matter how comfortable our situation in life is, Mother Nature’s disastrous ways place all of us in a very vulnerable state.

And have we ever wondered how it affects those in the middle of such a terrible event – getting stranded, losing their homes and livelihood. Most often than not, recovering from such tragedies can take a long time for some. A lot of things need to be considered. Rebuilding everything you are – income, yourself, lost properties – can’t be done without receiving help from others.

Here are some ways to extend help:

  • Work with organizations aligned with this initiative.

You can join a fundraising community and be active in their projects. Whether it’s doing monthly visits to disaster-stricken towns and offering services to help alleviate the situation, allotting time for meaningful ventures like these is substantial. It helps create awareness in the surrounding neighborhood and ultimately encourages aid from other people.

People die from dehydration, and clean water is essential for good sanitation. Diseases develop due to poor hygiene, and we wouldn’t want problems added to an already disheartening situation. Much of the illnesses caused by poor sanitation are easily solved by merely preventing such dispositions. It may be the least of our worries, but it can be gold to victims of catastrophes.

  • Ship out used clothes and supplies.

Instead of thinking about your next decluttering session, gather all your old clothes and drop them at the nearest evacuation zones. The most needed items are:

  1. Toiletries
  2. Towels
  3. Flashlights
  4. First aid kits
  5. Slippers/Shoes

Ensure that the recovery sites are accredited to lessen the risk of your items falling into the wrong hands. Another way is to determine if you have friends or relatives who live nearby so they can deliver it directly to those affected.

  • Join bloodletting sessions.

Blood is another precious commodity, and you will be able to contribute to saving thousands of lives. Not only that, bloodletting is beneficial to both the donor and the recipient. It wouldn’t cost much, but it will significantly help those vulnerable even before being struck by a calamity. Of course, ensure that you are healthy enough to donate before going through the process.

  • Organize a fundraising project.

Whether it’s organizing a block screening event or a concert, this opens the opportunity for more resources to pour in and provide more help compared to doing it solo. Use the power of social media to invite sponsors to join in your advocacy. Many good people are willing to invest their time and would want to reach out and contribute to social causes.

  • If you can visit the area, then do it.

Seeing the place for yourself will help you understand the situation and, in turn, help you figure out what else should be provided. Do they need a clean-up drive? Is there a lack of medical help? Make a list while you’re there so you can inform their local government and participate in assisting. Being in the actual place can give you a better glimpse of the victims’ type of aid.

  • Provide comforting words.

All we need in times of trouble is encouragement aside from substantial assistance. They need someone to talk to, and what better way than to lend them your ears. You don’t have to hand them all the solutions. Just make them feel that they are not alone and those good samaritans exist. There will always be people who will not hesitate to help them recover.

Being a victim of a crisis is not something I wouldn’t want the people I know to experience. No matter how ready we think we are, unforeseen events can happen. I have always been a believer in good karma. Therefore, I encourage you to extend a helping hand wherever and whenever needed. Let’s spread a little love to each other.

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