Regardless of how old you get, nothing will surely compare to the feeling of accomplishing your first hunt. Ensuring that everything is ready before anything else is the key to a successful and fun-filled activity.

According to Britannica, hunting is a sport that entails searching, pursuing, and killing wild animals using different equipment, typically in the modern period with guns or bow and arrows. Thus, you need to know more about hunting before actually proceeding with the activity. Do your research to see whether your chosen place has existing hunting regulations so you can hunt safely and legally.

 There is still a wide array of things to consider and prepare before your first hunting experience, such as the following:

Hunting License

Having a license is essential. It doesn’t only help you abide by the animal conservation law but also allows you to be safe and protected. So, secure a hunting license and ensure to get the most appropriate one. This legal document has different categories depending on the types of animals you want to target, the place where you hunt, the length of the hunt, and more. The license classifications depend on which state you pick to hunt, but the typical ones are the following: game license, resident license, youth hunting license, fishing license, and more.

Hunting Gun with Scope or Arrow

Hunting rifles with scopes or bows and arrows are the two most common hunting weapons. Since hunting requires precision and accuracy, you must use the one that you’re most confident and comfortable to maneuver. For the former, evaluate whether it can serve its purpose as a hunting and defensive weapon. For the latter, check if the set is of high quality but demands low maintenance. Therefore, check the model and specs of your chosen weapon to know if it can strike your targets efficiently.

Knife Sharpener

Sure, you’ve got your main weapon ready, but what would you do if your supporting blades were of no use? Hence, ensure to bring a hunter honer knife sharpener that’s convenient to bring and use, like LeBeau’s Honer.

Knife sharpeners, according to the 2010 information in Science Daily that’s from a study of the University of Colorado at Boulder, 75 thousand years ago, the prehistoric individuals came up with a skillful way of sharpening tools and stone knives. Moreover, the knife sharpening method of the Westerners goes back to the moletas of Northern Italy. Until then, many developments concluded to the contemporary sharpeners of knives and other blades that were deemed important not just for meal preparations but also on other activities, like hunting.

So, make sure to bring a knife sharpener in case your arrowheads, scissors, knives, fish hooks, and other blades get dull.


If you’ve chosen guns as your hunting weapon, you must have the ammo ready along with it. The best hunting ammunition must be precise, convenient, efficient, and can give a great expansion at a different velocity. As a newbie, you must be more meticulous in picking the right ammo suitable to your hunting gun’s caliber and is approved by the state. For example, you opt to hunt some deer, and then you might consider looking into these Ammos: 204 Ruger, 257 Roberts, 223 Remington, 6.5 Grendel, and more.

Scent-Reduced Clothing

Hunter or not, everyone is already aware that animals have better senses than humans. Some creatures can detect your scent from afar. Thus, you must be extremely careful. While hunting, using scent-reduced clothes is preferable because it allows you to freely scout and get a closer view of your targets. These kinds of clothing are often made up of natural fibers and treated synthetics that surprisingly lessen your odor and keep you hidden from your prey.

Other Essentials

Hunting is a sport that’s a little demanding. However, it is understandable given that the hunter’s life can be at stake if there weren’t any good preparations and precautions made. So, here are the other hunting essentials that will complete your hunting kit:

  • Trail marking tapes
  • Two-way radios
  • Binoculars
  • Headlamp
  • Pocket knife
  • Lighters
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Backpack
  • GPS

In conclusion, to be a hunter, one must be not only courageous and adventurous but also prepared and meticulous. Make sure to have every ready before your trip.

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