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The kind of floor you have could significantly impact the well-being of everyone inside the house, especially if you have kids. The right type of floor could create those fun, precious moments with your little ones and make it convenient and easy for you to maintain.

What’s the one thing in your house that keeps being taken for granted and (literally) being walked on? No brainer there – it’s the floor. The floor is an essential, if not crucial, part of any infrastructure’s interior design. The surface floor is the first contact point for the eyes and feet since it’s the significant visual a person sees upon entering a house and the first point of human contact from the moment a person steps inside the house. 

But then again, despite its width and length and largest interior structure, the floor remains one of the most overlooked in its significance and contribution – especially regarding kids’ safety inside the house. 

For those planning to have a family, creating a floor conducive for children is essential, if not a must! 

How to Make Floors Kid-Friendly

Safety is essential to any home, especially when there are children around. You want to avoid a scene where a kid would slip, fall, or get injured because of unkept and unmaintained flooring. 

If you have toddlers, toddlers spend a lot of time crawling, running or moving around – a typical ordinary day. That’s why it’s essential to pay special attention to the way the floor is designed and maintained to make it safe and fun at the same time for the kids. 

When creating a concept for a floor design, consider first the children’s group who will be using the floor. Think about their age, like if they’re babies, toddlers, kindergarteners, etc. Consider the activities you would expect them to have most of the time. Will they be playing with their toys most of the time? Are they likely to be running and jumping often? Are they likely to be crawling on all fours or rolling around? Will they use the floor often for sleeping? 

Another significant factor to consider is the children’s health and comfort. Is the floor comfortable enough for them to walked-on? Is the surface slippery or rough? Is it prone to toxins and other pollutants likely to cause allergies and other respiratory illnesses? 

Are you ready to start making your floor prepared for those tiny feet? Check out some of these floor ideas. 

Carpet Flooring

One of the best child-friendly flooring ideas is to carpet the floor. Soft, plushy carpets are comfortable enough for kids to walk, run, and play on, even among children with the most sensitive feet. Kids can freely play and frolic around on a carpeted floor. Carpets are also practical when it comes to sound reduction. The thick fibers can help insulate the room and prevent the sound from going all over the house. Plus, carpets are relatively easy to maintain with a vacuum cleaner. 

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Laminate Flooring 

Laminate flooring is also another option for that child-friendly floor. Laminate flooring is more durable and resistant to moisture caused by stains and spills on the floor. It also tends to be scratch-resistant, a plus point for kids who want to play with their toys on the floor. This type of flooring is also easy to clean and maintain. A soft cloth or a vacuum can do the trick. 

Regular Cleaning and Sanitizing

Having the right flooring is not enough for a floor surface to become child-friendly and ready. All types of floors still need to be cleaned and sanitized regularly. Cleaning and sanitizing prevent the spread of toxins and contaminants that could put not only a child’s health at risk but also the health of the rest of the residents in the house.  

A cleaning routine could help prevent faster aging of a floor’s surface, and it would also present an opportunity if there are damages that need to be fixed before anyone gets injured. So make sure to consistently dust, wipe, clean, and sanitize, and add these as part of your cleaning scheduled routine.  

Put Shoes Away

Shoes are the top carrier of germs, bacteria, or viruses to households. Shoes get the most from the outside world; considering all the surface dirt it has to trod on, homeowners must keep shoes away from floor surfaces where kids are likely to play. Have shoe storage by the doorway or in a safe storage place, and don’t just leave your shoes lying around where kids can easily reach them. Not only is there a health risk if a child plays around with a shoe, but there’s also that risk of having an accident if the kid stumbles upon it. 

The Bottom Line

When building or redesigning a house, consider its occupants, including their needs. And if they have kids or planning to have a family, the children the top priority in house designing. 

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