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The bathroom is often the room that’s given the least priority and care. Fortunately, 7G Contracting offers custom kitchen and bath upgrades and transformation to help you remodel your bathroom, maximizing your space.

Most houses may have multiple massive bedrooms with equally huge closets or kitchens that can hold a substantial number of guests, not to mention a patio that can double as a living room. However, the least amount of planning effort and the smallest space is often given to the bathroom.

Between morning brush-ups, nightly cool-downs, and relaxation, the bathroom serves various noteworthy functions. Yet despite its significance, it seems like it’s almost always the home feature that never gets enough space or prioritization. The last thing homeowners want while putting on makeup or taking showers is to feel cramped and suffocated.

Hence, if a tiny bathroom is a problem, here are tips for redesigning small bathrooms and maximizing available space.

The Small Bathroom Problem

Undeniably, renovating the house is the best way to address a small bathroom. Expanding or adding an extra bathroom to your home is beneficial. It doesn’t only add more storage space. It can also handsomely pay off once you opt to resell your house and, not to mention, make life easier for bigger families. However, while this is one of the effective options to consider, it’s incredibly costly.

Hence, if you’re tired of constantly struggling for space but don’t have any budget to renovate and expand your bathroom, you have no other option but to use what you currently have. You can do a quick and simple remodeling rather than a complete renovation. With remodeling, you don’t have to tear down a massive chunk of your house. Instead, you only need to reconstruct your space. It’s not only easier and more efficient to fix. It’s also relatively cheaper.

For your remodeling needs, 7G Contracting is the company for you. Between the custom kitchen and bath upgrades and transformation, they can cater to multiple home remodeling services. Hence, they can help maximize your tiny bathroom according to your needs.

Smaller Fixtures and Solutions

With smaller bathrooms, the layout is crucial. How you design and utilize every crevice and space will make or break your bathroom’s space. Beyond any planning, it’s essential to prioritize the crucial fixtures. Even as a small bathroom, it must contain the essentials – a toilet, sink, and shower. If you already have space for these, that’s the only time you can expand and add more cabinets and a bathtub, if suitable.

A small space can quickly feel cramped with multiple pieces of equipment. But with proper and practical construction techniques, even the tiniest room can look expansive.

For instance, 7G Contracting has recently fixed a relatively small bathroom. In its initial structure, the bathtub doubles as a standing shower, with a small compartment that opens and closes for the user. Functionality-wise, it’s a brilliant idea to utilize this bathroom section. But attractiveness-wise, it made the space look cramped.

The Bathroom Before Remodeling

What 7G Contracting did was break down the bathtub and the thick division and replace it with a tall glass for the standing shower. The glass may physically divide the space, but it doesn’t break how the whole bathroom looks, giving the illusion that the room is still complete and one whole. This gave the bathroom a more expansive space than when the thicker division was present.

The Bathroom After Remodeling

Windows and Venting Availability

A significant thing typically ignored when planning a bathroom and can contribute to the decrease in the room’s space is its ventilation. Sure, adding one doesn’t physically increase the area. But it can reduce stuffiness whenever someone uses the bathroom. Additionally, proper ventilation can also avoid mildew or mold build-up.

Hence, consider adding or improving your ventilation if your bathroom is far into your house for a window. Fortunately, 7G Contracting can help you with the layout planning, as well as figuring out the best way to install a ventilation system.

Simple Storage and Keeping Things Off the Floor

While storage is necessary for bathrooms, it shouldn’t be prioritized, especially at the expense of mobility. It’s vital to add storage but, at the same time, ensure that movement is still possible within the room. Instead of adding multiple cabinets or shelves, you can opt for a bigger yet single cabinet. This way, it can hold more items, and the cabinet top can double as a shelf, yet it only takes up one portion of the room.

Another way to make the space less cramped is by avoiding placing anything directly on the floor. This means fewer bags on the floor and instead putting these items on the shelf or inside the cabinets. This way, there’s less mess on the floor, making the room look cleaner.

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