How to water the plants properly can be challenging. Fortunately, there is a solution available to address this dilemma.  

Global warming got all people scrambling about, looking for ways and means to fight off its vicious impact of extreme weather, climate conditions, and temperatures. Plants are one of the life forms most badly affected by harsh climate temperatures. The warming and rising of ocean waters led to hotter temperatures, increased reports of drought, and severe storms, all antagonist conditions of plant life forms. 

An automatic houseplant watering system is an effective way to counteract the effects of global warming. Especially if the plant owner is always on the go and doesn’t have time to water the plants, this innovative automatic irrigation method is the way to go. Social enterprise The Sustainable Village uses and advocates a sustainable and cost-effective appropriate technology called the Blumat Watering System that can automatically release water in controlled doses, just enough to provide the proper moisture level, while simultaneously saving water because of its regulated water discharging process.  

Why the need for an automatic watering system?

In this day and time when clean water is getting scant, with not enough to supply people, plants, and animals’ hydration needs, the urgent call for water preservation, efficient and productive use of water, and look for new water resources keeps getting stronger every minute. 

Never worry about how or when you’ll water your plants. An automatic watering system, such as a drip irrigation system, poses a timely solution to today’s threat of water problems. Aside from its practical method of rationing water, other benefits come from using this type of irrigation system. 


Ask yourself what you plan to do during your free time in the summer. Do you picture yourself relaxing in a chaise lounge while enjoying a cool drink? Or, do you see yourself hauling a big watering hose around your garden and watering your plants all afternoon?

One of the main benefits of an automatic watering system is its convenience; it makes watering plants an easy and smooth task. Especially if you have a lot of house plants and are constantly pressured for time, this type of system makes watering plants less time-consuming.

An automatic watering system typically uses a device, usually in a cone shape filled with water, with an opening for the water to come out and a valve to control the amount of water flowing out. 

It becomes a gardener’s time-saving device because they could just plant the device right next to where the plant and its roots are located, fill the cone with water, and regulate the pressure of the water coming out. And that’s it! Gardeners can then go ahead and do other things and leave the watering device as it provides just the right amount of consistent water and moisture that the plants need. 

Optimal water level

By doing manual plant watering, if you’re not a professional gardener, there’s a tendency that you might overwater the plants or that you might not water them enough that’s needed for their maximum plant growth. An automatic irrigation system helps address this dilemma. Water consistency is necessary when it comes to planting maintenance. Especially during extreme heat weather conditions, you’d want to ensure that your plants still get that required water level!  

Helps to reduce weed growth

Weeds often grow in gaps between plants where water is flowing freely through. This also indicates water waste, meaning that the water is not directed effectively towards the base of the plants. Other water systems are suitable for specific requirements, but a drip-type automatic watering system with a cone-shaped clay passageway directly delivers the water it needs the most. Hence, less weed and less water waste. 

Preserved nutrients in the soil

Just as humans need nutrients for optimum growth and health, so do plants. Nutrients are essential for plants to help them fend off disease, germs, and pests. How plants are watered could make or break the nutrients naturally found in soil. Too much water washes away these nutrients, and an insufficient amount cannot help them grow fully. 

Aside from preventing weeds from growing, a well-directed water flow also ensures that soil nutrients are contained and protected within the plant’s ecosystem as they should be. 

Global warming isn’t going anywhere. Efficient and practical water usage should be encouraged to sustain through the next generations. Innovative and appropriate technologies should be implemented and practiced. These systems can give you the peace of mind that you have a sufficient water supply.

Because water is not only for humans, it is for all life forms here on earth, including animals and plants.

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