With the 2020s slowly becoming the years where people are collectively struggling, self-care has taken the spotlight in people’s routines. This includes being kinder to oneself, eating and sleeping right, and taking care of their physical image has become essential for most. In line with this, people have spent longer times in their bathrooms and have likewise noticed how they are designed.

Some of the primary reasons people renovate their bathrooms are because the design doesn’t fit their preference or mood and for them to fit in with the current trends. Nowadays, people have finally started using their bathrooms as canvases to express themselves. They have dived into creative bathrooms rather than settling for the simple, plain white walls and fixtures.

If you’re thinking of renovating your space, here are the current trends you should look out for.

Turn Your Space into a Home Spa

With everything happening globally, it’s not surprising how bathroom trends are heading towards home spas. Now more than ever, people have acknowledged that life is indeed short. They have carefully examined what makes them feel good and chose happiness before anything else. Where comfort, peace, and self-care are a priority, people have designed their bathrooms into a space where their overall physical and mental well–being are taken care of.

To achieve a spa-like vibe, you can decorate your bathroom with scented candles. You can even change your scents to suit your mood. Other than these, you can also invest in dim lights. It has been found that lower lights or dimming your lights can help steady your emotions. This can also make the overall atmosphere of your bathroom more peaceful.  

Install Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs may seem like a thing of the past. But it’s something that’s been making a comeback in the present. Perfect for your relaxation needs, it’s one of the “it” fixtures for self-care. Additionally, they are great for long soaks and, perhaps, meditation. They also are a great addition to your bathroom design-wise. As a freestanding attachment, it can become one of the focal points of your space while giving it an elegant point. 

Utilizing Smart Technologies

Technology has continuously evolved people’s household needs. Technology has given us ease and comfort from the living room to kitchen appliances. When it comes to bathroom fixtures, smart toilets have long taken wind in some countries. Unlike the regular toilets, these offer seat warmers, built-in deodorizers, and automatic lid openers, among others. Besides these, people can now easily purchase gadgets that make jamming out with music safe and possible during showers. Companies have also offered voice activation that can help you adjust your lighting and temperature effortlessly. Having these gadgets in your bathroom won’t only make it look trendy but also make your experience more convenient.

If you aren’t up for any significant changes or don’t want to spend so much on your bathroom, you can still make some minor yet impactful changes in your comfort space.

Changing to Bolder and Colorful Schemes

In the previous years, the colors grey and white have dominated people’s bathrooms. These years, things have changed. People have now embraced their creativity instead of the usual neutral or plain white colors. They have started to utilize bolder designs and use colors outside the shades of white. Additionally, as art galleries have again risen and taken people’s interests, they have brought these to their bathroom, changing the once cold and plain environment and making it more comfortable, charming, and interesting.

Unfortunately, this list isn’t curated to fit everyone’s preferences. It’s still in your volition whether you want to follow these and add these fixtures to your bathroom. As usual, the first step in renovation is considering your space and budget. It’s no use planning for a bathroom that’s on-trend if you won’t have the factors needed to actualize it. Everything on the list above works as a beautiful addition to your bathroom. However, these come with a trade-off: they can’t be installed by yourself. You need someone’s help because the slightest mistake can lead to a bigger problem.

You need to have a trusted partner to make work easier and ensure quality when it comes to this. One of the renowned companies for bathroom renovation in Ontario, Canada and nearby areas is Phinesse Construction. Phinesse is the top company for your renovation needs. They offer accessibility modifications, kitchen, legal basement, and multiroom renovations. Hence, if you’re planning on renovating your bathroom, you can reach out to them for your needs.

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