Getting the whole house back in order after a party is one tough job. A job that’s, although challenging, is pretty much essential in house maintenance.

Did you ever experience waking up one morning after a wild night of raucous partying, getting all perplexed, asking how your house ended up looking like a tornado joined the party? Cups were everywhere. Paper plates were strewn all over the place, evidence of spilled drinks, leftover foods, confetti draped on every square inch of the place, and some hints of weird stuff out of a science fiction movie found here and there; it’s a cleaner’s nightmare! No matter how much you close your eyes and wish all of it to go away, there’s no escaping the dreaded reality – the whole place needs to be cleaned! Clean In A Click offers residential and commercial cleaning service in Birmingham, Alabama, that puts your house back in excellent shape in no time.   

House cleaning can be challenging but is something that homeowners should never do away without. Aside from the spic and span aura that can impress people at the health inspection offices, many perks go with a nice, clean, and bright house!

Why should you aim for a clean house?

Isn’t it nice to sleep in a house with no dust, dirt, or grime? Aren’t you inspired to invite friends to come over and relax in your own home? Don’t you feel assured and confident leaving your family in a well-kept house? It’s a dream come true for all homeowners once they’re settled down in their place, and it’s all just because of a thorough cleaning job. Surprisingly, a good cleaning job also has several health benefits. Here are some of them. 

Reduces stress 

If your space is all cluttered up and messy, it adds to your stress. The kind of stress that tends to make you lose focus. Your environment significantly impacts how your day will start and end. If you leave a messy place, chances are your whole day will be as stressful and confusing. But if your home were neat and clean when you left it, you’d ultimately face the rest of the day feeling more inspired and confident. 

Prevents allergies and other kinds of illness

The main payoff that comes with a clean environment is the healthy aspect that comes along with it. A meticulous vacuuming can help remove all deep-seated dirt and bacteria that are hard to reach and can trigger allergies or any respiratory disease. Especially in this time of the ongoing, raging COVID-19 pandemic, proper hygiene and sanitation are all the more critical to prevent the spread of the virus. Even something as simple as ensuring that water leaks are cleaned and fixed can prevent molds from developing that can lead to asthma, chronic rhinitis or sinusitis, cough, etc.  

Improves productivity

A clean and tidy house is very inspiring and conducive to productivity, be it for work or personal productivity. A spotless desk can motivate a student to start studying. A clean couch and a clean living room are very inviting for a movie night with the family. A spotless kitchen can bring out the creativity in the cook to start coming up with delicious dishes. So, if you want your family to get up and start moving around? Then go ahead and get the whole place scrubbed down and neat!

How to get the house back to its pristine condition after a party?

It’s fun to host a house party with family and friends. It’s also refreshing and soul-uplifting to relax and get loose now and then. But when the party ends and all is said and done, there’s that after-party mess you must deal with – one that you cannot simply ignore!

The first step to after-party house cleaning can be intimidating, especially if you don’t know where and how to begin. To get you started, here are some top tips to help you get your house back into shape and order in no time. 

Pick up all the litter

Start by picking up all the stuff that’s out of place and lying around. This includes trash such as paper cups, plates, party hats, confetti, drink bottles, and so on. Anything not included in the house’s original interior and fixing should be collected and put away. Gathering up all this stuff can peel away the surface layer of the havoc caused by the party and expose whatever lies beneath, such as stained carpets, greasy floors, etc. 

Open the windows and curtains

Opening the room to some fresh air can bring in some good ventilation. This helps eliminate all the after-party smells that tend to linger, such as cigarette smoke smell of alcohol, and even can remove unpurified air brought by a group of people gathered together in one place. And if you’re starting to clean early in the morning, opened windows can allow the sun to seep inside and sanitize the room with its heat. 

Tackle rooms one by one

House cleaning is stressful and often confusing since you don’t know where to begin. Focus on just one room at a time before you start on the other rooms. This will get you more organized, especially with the right cleaning tools. 

Clean the floor last

It is advisable to leave the floor as the last thing to clean up. Floors accumulate dirt with any activity taking place in the room. For instance, if you start with the floor and move to clean the windows next, you’re prone to dirty the floor all over again as it catches all the dirt that you cleaned up coming from the window. 

House parties are great! But you know what’s better? Having a clean and tidy place right after a house party. Keep memories of the party, but don’t leave dirty reminders behind. Maintaining a clean house doesn’t mean that you need to avoid having a house party altogether. You need to know the essentials, the how-tos in getting your home back in tip-top shape!

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