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When it comes to interior colors, two is always better than one. Even more so, three colors harmoniously coexist with each other. Let’s see some tried and true color schemes for your home.

With a vast range of color schemes, it is hard to determine which ones go well with each room. You would want to match the color combinations with a particular mood you want to set. Creating a variety that works is incredibly hard, so try to tap into some professional guidance like the ones from Phinesse Construction Group that can provide quality home remodeling services and, at the same time, beautify your home with their expert service crew.

Here are some stunning interior color schemes that designers highly recommend:

1 – Blue + Beige

It is easy to love the color blue. This hue is known for being calm and calming, and it complements well with other colors. For example, a Parisian grayish-blue with natural Beige will look exquisite with gold accent colors. This combination adds luxury to the main bedroom, especially when it is splashed with a bit of grey on the walls. The calm and serene atmosphere this color scheme brings will make the bedroom a perfect resting sanctuary.

2 – Dark Green + Red

If you want a bold combo, green and Red are a good pair to start. The interior space will not look like a Christmas-themed room with the right tone. Designers still love using this color combination because it evokes vintage vibes if paired with the perfect accessories. It can make a room look mature with its old-world eighteenth-century atmosphere. To break off the pattern of being too vintage, you may add plaids for the sheets and pillowcases. As for the accessories, you may hang up a few vintage-style wall décor to not make the walls too empty.

3 – Blue + Neon Colors

The color blue may be calming to look at, but there are times that too much Blue can cause literal gloomy “blues.” In this case, the room needs a little bright punch too. Adding fluorescent hues to an already soft blue hue will make the space feel much younger and fresh. The bright pops will prevent the room from feeling too tired and depressing. The addition of neon hues brings a different edge that contrasts with the traditional look of the space. Neon is a risky move to take when pairing interior color schemes, and most homeowners don’t like it. But it might work with the right designer that can blend an unlikely pair. The neon doesn’t have to be placed on walls and furniture. They can be in the form of small accents and accessories like rugs, throw pillows, or simple prints.

4 – Forest Green + Light Gray

You can never go wrong with Green if you’re looking for more earth tones. Colors can pop off if you want to break the bland and monotone of a neutral room. Green always packs a great punch that still brings life to a space. The flawless balance of bold colors, like forest green, works in any room in the house. A light gray would go well to soften the contrast. Whether you have a rustic, contemporary, farmhouse, or bohemian style, this palette speaks volumes.

5 – Pink + Green

Who says pink is an exclusively feminine color these days? Pink can be applied everywhere as an interior color, especially if paired with a shade of Green like teal. Designers love to use the two due to their refreshing and vibrant look that still evokes balance and softness with each other.

6 – Light Blue + Emerald

If you opt for a more cooled room, tone, blues, and greens are always the perfect matches. The peaceful and easygoing nature of the color pair feels refreshing to the eyes. Along with accents like neutral tones, natural earth colors, and a little black are the go-to combinations of designers. An easy way to recreate the look is to take one hue and apply it a tad lighter and darker, resulting in a more balanced dynamic.

7 – Moss Green + White + Tan  

This earthy combination goes well with each other while retaining the perfect balance and timeless look without overwhelming hues. Adding a dramatic flair with textures can bring a more defined look and keep the neutral combinations together. Don’t be afraid of using wallpaper and textured fabrics so the room won’t look too plain.

In Conclusion

Exploring different color combinations can dramatically transform a room and change how you look at some parts of your home. With the proper color theory, you can mix and match anything you like and still bring out the best interior look. 

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