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No matter how gorgeous one’s interior design is, if the floor is whack, everything is a step away from falling apart. Fortunately, One Handy Haole Services in Makawao exists to help with one’s flooring renovation and installation needs.

Some say the bedroom is the area in the house that experiences the most wear and tear. After all, at the end of every day, it’s where people stay to rest. Others disagree and say it’s the bathroom or the kitchen. Both areas are used every single day for various other reasons.

But they’re all wrong. The area that gets the most significant wear and tear in the house is the floor. With it spanning the place, it’s used without a break, and stuff gets spilled over it most of the time. Most importantly, it’s among two things that hold the house together, acting as its foundation.

Expectedly, it’s one of the things in the house that requires the most attention and care.

Most people never miss a day to sweep it free from dust. Others go an extra step to mop and polish it. However, once the floor has been through a wringer and starts looking bad, it may require more than the typical sweep and wipe.

Signs the Floor Is Crying for Renovation

Over time, everything wears out and would require replacements. The question isn’t about whether they need to be replaced. Instead, when should they be replaced?

This is especially important to consider for every home’s flooring.

The floor is primarily the one thing that holds everything together. It’s where people walk to get from one point to another in the house. Hence, homeowners might hesitate to undergo a flooring renovation spontaneously, given the effect it would have on everyone’s routine. Every other activity inside the house gets affected if it gets renovated.

This is why instead of going by instinct, homeowners need to check for signs that scream the necessity for floor renovation.

Extreme Wear and Tear

An object’s wear and tear is a top indication for a replacement. But this can be easily considered normal when it’s something as regularly used as the floor. What homeowners should look for isn’t the typical signs. Instead, they must look into the evident and considerable signs.

Scratches and cracks are unavoidable issues with the floor. Depending on how often homeowners drag or move heavy furniture across, these damages can worsen. Once these cracks accumulate dust and have edges poking out of the floor’s surface, making it uncomfortable or injuring people while walking, it’s high time to consider renovation.

But what if there’s a carpet over? Would that mean lesser instances of the floor’s wear and tear?

Carpets might seem like excellent protection for one’s flooring. Covering the floor’s expanse can protect the latter from scratches and chipping. In initial use, this is true. But in the long run, the floor will still suffer from the typical wear and tear, and the carpet will only end up hiding the damage.

Additionally, while carpets won’t chip or crack, they still get stained and dusty. This becomes a breeding ground for diseases, making it necessary for replacements.

Unpleasing Discoloration

Over time, patches on the floor may become inconsistent with the others, possibly caused by constant spillage around the spot. This can happen to all kinds of floorings and even carpets. Such discoloration is highly unsightly, especially if the area is spotless and well-kept.

For some instances, like subtle cases of discoloration, good chemical polishing is everything the floor needs. But if, after this treatment, the issue persists, then there’s nothing else to do but renovate.

Reeking Floor

Along the stains, a constant spillage brings is the odor that gets left behind. Stains falling on top of the other will only change the color and expand the dirt’s area. But when it comes to the odors, they don’t simply pile and cover the previous smells with the succeeding. Instead, these odors will mix, creating a pungent smell.

As with discoloration, the odor can be removed through deep and thorough cleaning. Others may even remove it through a simple spray of alcohol. But if the smell persists despite deep cleaning the spot, maybe the source is deeply rooted. If this happens, any regular person will find it extremely challenging to solve the issue.

Thus, homeowners would need professionals to get rid of the flooring and replace them.

Who Do You Call?

These are only a few subtle and evident signs indicating the need for floor replacement. Observing and detecting these signs can be challenging, especially since it’s happening under everyone’s feet.

However, once homeowners realize they’re in dire need of help, they don’t have to carry the burden alone. With such a marketable service, many companies are geared toward helping homeowners solve this issue. The question then isn’t about whether they should do a floor renovation. Instead, who should they call for help?

At a loss for prospects? Here’s one: One Handy Haole.

As a home improvement company, One Handy Haole Services in Makawao assists homeowners looking to improve their homes. One of their expertise falls in the flooring renovation and installation field.

Therefore, if there’s trouble with the floor, One Handy Haole is the perfect company to call! To reach out, homeowners can visit their website and learn more about their other services.

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