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Lovely succulents are fun to display and easy to grow in attractive containers that combine function and form. 

Succulents store water in their leaves. This makes them low-maintenance and drought-friendly houseplants for those who frequently travel, work odd hours or have little interest in fussing. You can still bring home a vibrant Crown of Thorns or a colorful cactus only to find the plants get mushy, change colors, and die. Although succulents are generally easy plants to maintain, they certainly need some care.

Start choosing the right pot for each plant to keep your succulents healthy and growing. That does not just mean a pot that adds visual interest to your home, though you likely want that. The best pots for succulents must have enough space and proper drainage for the plants to flourish. By choosing the suitable planter (using these tips and recommendations), your succulents can lead fruitful, long lives.


What to Consider When Selecting the Best Pots for Succulents?

Considerably, how does one select a correct and proper pot that keeps your succulents blooming, alive, and propagating? Find out below.

Size. Select a large pot to allow the plant to grow, but be sure it is not oversized. Choose pots that allow no more than an inch or two extra room around the sides. If the pot is too big, the delicate roots will spread before the plant has time to even grow. The roots have no place to spread if the pot is too small. 

Style. The ideal pot will match your taste and decor, but it should also check the plant’s physical attributes. Succulents with low-growing varieties (such as Echeveria) look great in short pots. Those with upright growing styles (like aloe) look lovely in tall pots. And let us not forget the spillers like String of Pearls, which have trailing growth habits. Spillers in shallow pots or hanging planters will thrive and will look great.

Material. Pots are made available in a variety of materials. Plastic, terracotta, ceramic, metal, resin, and wood are the most common. The perfect pots for succulents are made from ceramic or terracotta. Both materials are breathable, encouraging proper water drainage and air circulation. Remember that terracotta and ceramic are heavy, especially when adding soil and plants. Choose pots made from resin or plastic for larger plants, especially those that you will move around. Those lighter pots will liberate your back as you move plants from one place to another or reposition your pots.  

Drainage. One major thing you need to know about succulents is that they do not like plenty of water. This comes into play before establishing a watering routine. If a pot does not have suitable drainage, your succulent is at risk of root rot. Excess water may pool at the bottom of the pot with nowhere to go.  

How We Choose the Best Pots for your Succulent?

Growing succulents is rewarding and easy, and choosing the best pots for your succulents increases the chance of success. This starts with proper drainage, a must for making sure the soil around the succulent dries out between waterings.

You must also catch that water, so an included saucer or tray helps. The pot’s material also can contribute to succulent health, and terra cotta or ceramic pots allow the roots to breathe and the soil dry. Plastic or resin comes in handy when growing big succulents to reduce weight.

It is best to select a size only slightly larger than the nursery pot your succulent comes in. Finally, the design enhances the look of these prized plants. For example, a trailing succulent like String of Pearls shines best in a hanging pot.

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In Closing

Indulge your green thumb. Find the best pots and planters for your succulents.

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