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Today’s digital age requires anyone to have an online presence unless they want to remain obscure from the potential market they are tapping. We will review the best website builders you can check out.

Whatever you do, whether you are a freelance creative or a small-scale business owner, you need to have a great website to ensure your business’s success. Website experts believe that digital marketing is vital for any business to grow. If you want to build a startup website or enhance the efficiency of the one you have, we will share a few tips to build a successful online platform.

1 – You Need To Have A Good Domain Name

The internet has become a dominating marketplace where businesses do everything they can to promote their goods and services. The good ones managed to tap into their target pool of customers and clients because they managed to come up with a catchy domain name. It is also called the website address and is the website’s entry point. An excellent but concise domain name is beneficial for usability and search engine optimization (SEO).

These are some tips on creating a good domain name:

  • It should be easy to spell. Avoid using slang, fake, or exotic words.
  • Try to research the domain name you want to use to avoid having similar terms with other websites. It would be best if you did this to avoid legal troubles with the trademark.
  • Make it short, so it will be easier to remember and prevent typo errors.
  • A proper domain extension is essential. As much as possible, try to keep it a “.com” type, unlike the following, which are “.net,” “.co,” etc., unless it is an institutional website. For the latter, you may use extensions like “.gov,” “.edu,” or “.org.”
  • Do not use numbers or hyphens. Word-only domain names are more accessible to note than those with numbers and hyphens. It also does not look good in the address and can cause misunderstanding when spelling out the domain name vocally.
  • Broaden the address for the sake of future growth. A good example would be due to its capacity to sell anything and everything at once as initially intended.
  • Make sure the price is reasonable for the domain name before purchasing it.
  • Avoid coming up with quirky domain names but do not come up with a dry one either. Major website domains like Google and Yahoo may sound monotonous, but branding off those names takes a lot of money.
  • Your URL should be SEO-friendly. Include the keywords and geo-location.

2 – Pay For A Secure And Impressive Website Host

These companies offer services dedicated to ensuring the website’s online presence. Connecting the domain name with the hosting provider lets users see that the host is shown. There are digital website building companies like Orange Digital Technologies (ODT) with different levels of support you can choose from, as long as it fits your budget.

3 – Make The Business Description Clear As Day

People knowing who you are and the services you offer is crucial to a successful business website. The purpose is not to confuse the users after one look. The homepage banner and the others should represent your services well, and add an introductory text blurb at the top part of your page. That is where you put your business description.

The primary and footer menus should contain an “About Us” option for people to access an in-depth description of your business.

4 – Utilize A Good Content Management System

Content Management System (CMS) creates and manages digital content. They work to maintain your website and do not require any in-depth knowledge of web development to use it. When you choose a CMS, it should match your needs and must be user-friendly. WordPress, Drupal, Squarespace, and Wix are examples of CMS with unique functions. 

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