Digital marketing is essential no matter the business or industry, and social media platforms play a crucial role in ensuring its success.

Almost all businesses are now engaging in digital marketing in the hopes of reaching a wider audience and increasing their return of investment or ROI. Digital Marketing is the game of modern commerce, and Social Media is one of its most important arenas aside from the digital logo design which customers instantly identify.

As a company offering social media marketing solutions, Orange Digital Technologies is keen on identifying the top Social Media platforms that are good for businesses, especially those that rely heavily on digital marketing and business website.

These five social media platforms have greatly impacted almost every business worldwide and continue to do so even today.


There’s a reason why Facebook is number one on our list and most probably present in every list ranking the top Social Media sites. Since its establishment almost two decades ago, Mark Zuckerberg’s company has never stopped innovating and reaching wider audiences. Today, it has over a billion active users, and its revenue already reached $85.96 billion last year. One of the many ingredients to Facebook’s success is Facebook Ads, where users can find their target audience, build an email list, and get new customers. Facebook Ads, along with Facebook Pixels, significantly contribute to fast growth. That aside, Facebook remains the number one Social Media platform. Therefore, any business found on Facebook will surely benefit from its scope and traffic.


To this day, LinkedIn remains one of the important Social Media platforms for companies, professionals, and entrepreneurs. Employers and today’s modern workforce rely on LinkedIn for professional networking, job opportunities, career development, and tapping the best and the brightest leaders, workers, talents, and skilled workers in any industry worldwide. If you want people to take your business seriously, you and your company should have a presentable and impressive LinkedIn account. This superb Social Media platform also helps cement a professional or a company’s reputation because it features reviews, recommendations, and comments from clients and fellow professionals.


It’s impossible not to include YouTube on our list of leading Social Media Platforms. The last decade saw revolutionary changes in User Interface, User Experience, features, scope, and market. YouTube is this new era’s MTV, and the power of visuals remains an effective element in any marketing strategy. If you wonder why YouTube is among the top five Social Media platforms, think of its 2 billion monthly users and thousands of videos reaching its users daily. The key is to create relevant videos and optimize videos to increase social signals, engagement, and subscriptions.


Twitter is Facebook’s more prim and proper cousin. It gives its users voice and empowerment, but it’s not as “noisy” and unruly as Facebook. Professionals, celebrities, politicians, leaders, and other prominent personalities prefer Twitter’s pleasant platform. As for entrepreneurs and those in digital marketing, Twitter is an excellent platform as it features 1 to 3% more success in Ads than Facebook. Twitter users find it easy to engage followers and influencers. Lastly, the power of hashtags and “@” are just too charming to resist. Proof? Even Facebooks users include hashtags and “@” in their posts.


Instagram is more than just a Social Media platform for cool kids and bloggers. It is also an efficient marketing tool for your business. With Instagram, we again discover the power and charm of visual images. Instagram has over 112 million users. If you can set up an Instagram Business Account with high-quality professional photos, your business is guaranteed to attract interest from various target audiences. Aside from photos, Instagram users can also maximize on Instagram Stories and live stream videos. Last but not least, you can advertise on Instagram (Photo ads, Video ads, and Carousel ads).

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