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You might not know this, but there are many carpet types you can choose from – the typical flooring or a bunch of tiles pieced together. Either way, these carpets add functionality and style to your home.

Carpets are known for being bulky and meticulous to clean. One slight damage or spilled stain may take a long time to remove or even replace the entire thing. Despite the possible minor inconvenience, many still prefer installing carpets in their homes, shops, and offices.

Carpet manufacturing has progressed over the years, making the options wider than they were before. Especially when there are different types of carpets on the market in Minnesota, you can choose from. The preferred type of carpet flooring is also crucial as it should match the space you want them into.

Here are examples of trending carpet types you should know about:

Carpet Tiles

The typically rolled carpet flooring is not the only one; carpet tiles exist too. One of the advantages of having them around is that it’s modular and can be replaced easily. This is the perfect carpet for you if you live with your family or pets.

You won’t have to worry about the stain or damaged spots because you can remove one tile or a few and replace them with something new. The ease of not having to replace everything is what makes carpet tiles so appealing.

Carpet tiles are even helpful in basements, and there are waterproof varieties if your basement has high moisture. Even carpet tiles on sale come with peel-and-stick features, creating a charming area rug you can install yourself.

Carpet Planks

Planks are commonly thought of as hard surface flooring, but surprise! Carpet planks are a thing too. It is one of the latest developments in the industry. Carpet planks are almost identical to carpet tiles, with the shape being the sole difference.

They are safe to be installed in a DIY fashion and are water and stain-resistant. Apart from its unique features, carpet planks also come in herringbone patterns! So you can create sleek, stylish, comfy pseudo-hardwood flooring with carpet planks.

Area Rugs/Carpet Runners

This is the most common accessory found in a lot of homes. They add charm and flair to a room without having to roll out an entire yard of carpet flooring. Area rugs usually come with bright and bold patterns and colors.

Look for a design that fits your home’s theme, as these accessories add a popular layered look. It works as well when placed over existing carpet floors. Don’t be afraid to play with patterns, colors, and textures.

Such flamboyant pieces serve poorly on a larger scale. It can turn into something that is visually unappealing. Area rugs and carpet runners work best in smaller doses.

Carpet Tile/Plank Rugs

A carpet tile/plank rug is perfect for homeowners who want to explore shapes and sizes without feeling limited. The challenge with having area rugs is the little designs you can choose from, plus the appropriate size that fits your space.

If you enjoy customizing an area rug without the confines of a fixed size and design, a great way to do that is by choosing carpet tiles and plank rugs which you can set up like an area rug. The best part is that they won’t curl/crumple when moving the furniture or if your pets are running around.

Bespoke Area Rugs

Handcrafted area rugs are among the most popular ones, especially for ethically conscious homeowners. They want to know where their household items come from, how they were made, and the people behind them.

Owning a handmade area rug adds a personal touch and gives off a sense of appreciation for the craftsmanship that came with the product. The high price of these rugs is also justifiable. After all, they were made by people with artistic, creative, and personal touches. Handcrafted rugs are perfect for homeowners with a passion for unique artistry.

Vintage Area Rugs

Household items that come with history can be charming, but the legitimate ones tend to be overwhelmingly expensive than we thought. This is where illusionism comes in. Vintage-looking area rugs have also risen in popularity, with the fibers imitating an antique look as if these rugs lived long in many homes.

It may seem strange, but vintage area rugs are an excellent addition to a space with an eclectic style. Such items elevate the charm and personality of your room. The ‘vintage effect’ is applied to make it look aged on purpose. Manufacturers add special dye, and the pile is removed strategically.

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