I love weddings and all the pizazz and preparation to make the particular date an event to remember. It’s one of those few times where families come together to share the special moment with the newlyweds. For guests, one of the challenging parts, if not the only difficult part, is picking the right gift for the couple. The latter may have prepared a bridal registry to make life easier for their attendees, but if you want to be remembered, why not give them something out of the ordinary.

There are many reasons to think out of the box when deciding on the perfect present. For one, buying everyday wares has higher chances of other guests purchasing the same items, and the newlyweds would probably give the extras away. I don’t think anyone would need 3-4 oven toasters unless they put up a cafeteria. Another is if you’re thinking of gifting them with cash funds, chances are, they would disappear immediately. You’d want them to remember you, and I don’t think giving cash has that effect.

So what’s a good way of finding out an excellent wedding present? Nowadays, most couples have moved in together before the marriage itself. One way is to learn about their habits, hobbies, and daily activities by checking their social media. What do they share, tweet, or post most? That information can give you hints about the presents that make them love you more.

If their Instagram stories showcase home activities, it can mean that they are homebodies and would appreciate receiving decorative items. They might want new upholstery for their sofa, house plants, or even beautiful rugs for their rooms. You can check Premium Carpet by Don Nash Flooring if it’s in your heart to bless them with a bit of revamping of their flooring. If they post exquisite meals in fancy restaurants, give them woodenware instead of the usual silverware.

Here are some extraordinary gift ideas.

  • Trivet

A trivet protects hot dishes from ruining a table surface. You can choose from various designs or have one customized. It’s practical and, at the same time, unique. More so, it’s going to match perfectly in any dining set.

  • Embroidered Couple Bath Robes

If these lovebirds are fond of staycations, you’d want them to feel like they’ve been staying in posh hotels all the time, even in the comforts of their humble abode. Get them something opulent to simulate the feeling of grandeur and style.

  • UV Sanitizer Box

Since the pandemic hasn’t completely ended, you’d want to think about their welfare and make sure that they remain well. Buy the newlyweds something that can fit their tablets, cellphones, or other items that they use daily. 

Whatever you decide on, what’s essential is not overwhelming yourself to give something beyond your budget. If the bride or the groom is your best bud, it’s okay to spend a little extra to make this special event extra special, bearing in mind that your presence alone on their memorable day is more than enough. But if either is a colleague or a friend of a friend, then handing them simple tokens is enough. The same suggestion applies if you are part of the entourage since your participation in the event is a gift itself.

Another gift that you can offer is the gift of punctuality. It would be rude to arrive when the party is over, and it defeats the purpose of the couple sending the invites in advance. If they considered and thought of your availability early on, show the same respect by gracing the ceremony on time. The same consideration applies to them receiving their gifts. If for any reason you are unable to give it on their wedding day, make sure to not go past beyond the 2-month mark for them to receive your gift.

As with any event, gifts are most treasured so long as it comes from the heart. Giving presents symbolizes offering a part of you. Price tags or aesthetics are just secondary to something as beautiful as making the other person happy and feel special. If you made the bearers of your precious item smile, you could be assured that the gift has already fulfilled its purpose.

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