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Tired of looking and staring at the same plain blank wall every day? Feeling the urge to make some changes to the interiors of your home? Not enjoying at all that cold draft that seemed to be coming in through your walls, and you’re not even sure if there’s a crack in the wall cement or a hole in the ceiling? It looks like signs that your home probably needs an upgrade – a wall texturing upgrade. One Handy Haole is a one-stop handyman services shop that offers all-around house renovations, repairs, and any home improvement job. The handyman company also offers drywall/texturing services in Maui Island, just the right kind of service if you’re looking into enhancing your house’s interior walls. 

Payoffs of Drywall/ Wall Textured Home Interior

Before you start personally tearing down your walls or call up a handyman service to make those drastic changes to improve your home’s interior quality, it would be better to find out what are your available options for home interior improvement. Wall texturing is usually the first thing that comes to mind when you’re looking for a cost-effective way to boost the appeal of your walls. Drywall, sometimes known as plasterboard, wallboard, gypsum board, or panel, etc., is a calcium sulfate panel pushed between facer and backer paper sheets during the construction of ceilings or interior walls.

Wall texturing typically comes right after installing drywall, completing any work on the interior wall surface, and providing a finished look on the walls. Of course, more than just the aesthetic value that wall texturing brings, there are other benefits if you’re considering this method to accentuate your home.

Provides Extra Layer of Protection & Covers Minor Flaws

Wall texturing covers up minor flaws during the drywall installation, including minor cracks and damages. This also helps reduce any drafts coming in, especially during the cold season. Think of it as doubling up on the cover. The extra layer of protection provided by a wall texture helps keep and regulate inside room temperature, plus it can handle an additional installation of insulation protection to it. 

But even without the added layer of insulation, wall texturing surprisingly helps reduce sounds or noise coming from the outside. It reduces whatever sound from going out from the inside, preventing the noise from being carried to the other rooms.    

Aesthetic Quality

There’s that undeniable aesthetic purpose when it comes to installing drywall or wall texturing. Wall texture, acting as the finish component to wall interior jobs, makes the walls look smooth and cleaner. In fact, they can keep the walls looking clean for a longer duration. If you think wall texturing is just one straight-up finishing job, guess again! There are a lot of different techniques for texturing that can suit your aesthetic purpose. 

One texturing technique is called the Orange Peel technique. From the name itself, the texture looks similar to the skin of an orange. Instead of a smooth and plain finished look, the orange peel is a bit bumpy, albeit minimally, and it easily covers any wall or ceiling damage. This technique is perfect for most interior décor. 

Another technique is known as the Knockdown technique. This is a rustic, stucco pattern and usually a level up to the orange technique. A reminiscent of Mediterranean décor, this technique has a simple yet elegant appeal but then a bit more challenging to clean than the orange peel technique. 

The Popcorn technique is a popular 1970s revived wall texturing technique. Perfect for sound insulation and the most chosen strategy for hiding imperfections, the popcorn technique resembles the look of cottage cheese and can be a bit messy in its application. 

Easily Installed and Reparable

Although it would be best to get the professionals to do the job of your home interior wall improvement for you, going for drywall or a textured wall service makes the job easier to complete. The smooth surface makes the painting easier to do and maintain in the future.  

Although susceptible to normal wear and tear, drywalls and other wall textured jobs are easily reparable, and cost-effective. Whether the damage is on a small part of the drywall or considerable damage, fortunately, there is no need to tear down the whole wall again to repair. The fix can be done only to whatever part that has the imperfection, or repair and replaces the board that has been damaged, not necessitating restoring every bit of the panel. 

Leveling up your home interior can be a bit challenging, but with the right handyman partners, the future of your home upkeeping will undoubtedly be promising. A home upgrade is an investment that needs to be considered thoroughly. And one of the excellent investments for a home upgrade is going for that drywall or wall texturing service – probably the most convenient and best investment you can have for your home improvement!

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