Despite being on two very different platforms, online stores and real-world stores have more similarities than just selling goods and services. First, they must offer excellent customer service to build a good reputation. They must always have the right stuff to serve the customers. All these things point out one thing: a need for customer traffic and the ability to retain and grow or maintain that said traffic.

Website traffic is the most important metric for online businesses to ensure the business keeps going. If there is no traffic, then there will be no customers. As such, the ability to retain website traffic is a must. In the infinite wisdom of the Internet, emerging web traffic digital technologies have become a crucial part of maintaining an online business. This allows the owner of the website to monitor how many unique visitors or hits they are gaining and how many they are losing. The strategies that the online business follows will be predicated on these numbers.

Web Traffic Source

Where does web traffic come from? Like everything else, web traffic does not come from thin air. Otherwise, everyone will have their websites filled to the brim with traffic. No, it doesn’t work like that. Besides, if web traffic is an unlimited resource, it wouldn’t be as valuable. Probably, the best way to visualize web traffic is to think of it as real-world customers. In an ideal world (without bots or multiple users sharing one account), one person passing by your storefront would equate to one unique web traffic. To put it simply, Web traffic is the viewers of your website that could potentially be converted into paying customers. 

Thus it is vital to know where this web traffic comes from so that the online business owner can identify an approach to grow their website.

Paid Web Traffic

Just as is in the real world, the virtual world is also filled with ads. Analysts have long understood the proper placement of advertisements in order to maximize eyeballs. For an online business, an exciting ad could lead to curiosity in the audience and then lead to a click that will bring them to the business’s web page. However, their specificity and effectivity can be very expensive, and some have a cost-per-click (CPC) rate.

Now there is a huge difference between real worlds ads and the ads in the digital space. Mainly, digital and online ads are made from data gathered by different websites and social media. These data are then collated and studied to form a clear profile of multiple people. These profiles are then grouped into bundles. The paying customer can then choose which demographic to target their ads in a more effective approach.

Organic Search Results and SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Now, it is important to understand that the Internet I connected through different links. For those familiar with the Internet being called the Information Super Highway, one can visualize the search engine as the said highway and the links as the streets leading to different destinations. The primary mode of “travel” on the Internet is the search engine. Now, search engine results are constantly competing in rank. The higher their rank, the more visible they are (i.e., 1st result in a google search). It is important for an online business web page to rank high to get eyeballs in clicks. There are many ways to optimize a web page so that they become the first results to come out whenever an organic search is done. Chief among this would be to build a good, authoritative, and reliable reputation for the website.

Content Marketing

Internet and content marketing may be a part of boosting a website’s SEO. However, a website’s content can do more than that. First of all, high-value content can ensure that a website’s visitors would stay for a longer time. Website content can also contain multiple links and reference traffic that can drive the business. Blogs especially are very effective in this department. In doing content, quality and not quantity is king.

Social Media

Sure, you can pay a social media website to promote your business. With the world glued to social media these days, you are sure to gain traffic. But such an approach is just the same as paying for advertising. In fact, it is PAYING FOR ADVERTISING. However, Social media can be utilized in a more different and organic manner. This could be a viral campaign akin to word-of-mouth advertising in the real world. Another approach would be a unique social media presence that somehow humanizes your business. In people’s minds, a social media presence can equate to a business personality.

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