Shoes don’t make the man, but it’s a reflection of your personality. If you don’t know, what you wear on your feet on a daily basis can tell a lot about who you are, your personal hygiene, and your overall style. We know for sure footwear matters in making a first impression. Even if you can’t purchase brand-new and trendy footwear and only have a good pair of sneakers, at least keep them clean—this can still speak about who you are. So, if you’re thinking of securing a job or simply stroll the city, keep them sparkling clean as a new pin. Clean shoes make a great impression.

However, not everyone knows how to look after a pair of sneakers. If you think cleaning them is as simple as throwing them to the washer, then you’re definitely wrong. When not cleaned accordingly, they can become damaged and scuffed, making them look far less good ruining the look of any outfit. With that said, it’s high time you bring them to professional sneaker maintenance services like Proof Culture. They are the most convenient sneaker cleaning service in Ohio.

If you aren’t convinced, here are some good reasons why you need to bring your sneakers to these band of professionals.

The Right Products

Whether it’s a $100 Adidas T-Mac Millenium or a $57 Puma Suede Classic Shoe, all sneakers get dirty. And there’s no miracle product to prevent that, or at least that’s what most people say. But with Proof Culture, they work miracles. Not only can they remove scuffs, stains, ordors, and other debris from your sneakers, but they restore the shine of your kicks. But how? I mean you can clean your footwear at home but still can’t achieve the shine these guys provide.

Well, it’s because they have the right cleaning products to clean them up. They have solutions, brushes, and spot treatments that will have your kick looking fresh and brand new. These guys don’t play around, they work with trained hands to meet your needs and deliver high-quality services, meaning you’re getting your money’s worth. So instead of buying expensive but unsuitable products and washing them by yourself, bring them in to these guys.

Save Time and Energy

Should you really worry about having to clean your own sneakers? There’s no need to if you simply send your shoes to Proof Culture. You’ll be saving time and energy. Instead of taking hours on end in cleaning your footwear, spare yourself the trouble. When you have them maintained by professionals, you can spend those supposed time picking up groceries, doing work, shop, or even strolling. Moreover, if you do them by yourself, you’ll only damage them further. And obviously, a good pair of sneakers is not cheap. So not only are you saving time and energy but also money. These professionals can help you keep them in good walking condition, meaning less money you’ll spend over time. These services are a small price to pay compared to the cost of buying a new pair of kicks.

Investing in a good sneaker cleaning company will only cost you a few dollars, depending on what other work you need.

Prolong Shoe Life

Sneakers are one of the best investments you can make in your wardrobe. Besides making your style look great, they also protect your feet from the elements. And despite those elements, you can keep your shoes looking brand new for a long time if you treat them right. Whether you’re trying to avoid discoloring or scuffed-up sneakers, there’s a way you can keep them spic and span. And that is to have them professionally cleaned.

Odds are you spent a lot of time, energy, and money copping your kicks so if you want to rock them for as long as possible, then you need to better take care of them. The glue and materials in all sneakers break down over time added with the dirt, grime, and stains can expedite the breakdown process. So, if we were you, we’d pack them and bring them to Proof Culture.

They Know What They’re Working With

You know that horrible smell that comes from inside your footwear? Or the dried stains that are impossible to remove? All of these will be gone when you have Proof Culture clean them. They understand the inner workings of a sneaker and know what action best suits it. That is why they’re called professionals, they are an expert cleaning service. Whether you need restoration, remove discoloration, scuffs, stains, crease, yellowing, and more, you’re better off taking them to the pros who can meet your needs.

For some serious sneaker maintenance, reach out to these sneakerheads over at innovative Ohio-based shoe-care company, Proof Culture. So did the shoe fit? Then, contact them today.

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