Purchasing a carpet is one of the most important and intimidating decisions one would make. It isn’t just because there are numerous carpet styles to choose from. It’s more because it will be a decision you need to stand by with. After all, a carpet can’t be removed and replaced quickly once installed. Other than its aesthetic, there are other factors homeowners need to consider before picking out their carpet of choice.


The carpet’s material should be your deciding factor. The material makes up and influences your carpet’s durability, comfort, and resilience.

Wool is commonly considered the best fiber for carpets. It’s naturally flame-retardant and is resilient, soft, and warm. Hence, it doesn’t only provide comfort; it also is safe to use. Wool is the suggested material that’s commonly used in wall-to-wall carpet installation. But one of the most important things to consider with wool as a material is that allergens can thrive in it.

Nylon is a synthetic material that can withstand wear and tear for a relatively long time. Despite being synthetic, it can still feel soft under your feet. It’s also highly resistant to abrasion and is the easiest to clean among the available materials. It can maintain fiber height, which means it doesn’t flatten under weight. When it comes to price, it’s not as expensive as wool but is costlier than polyester and polypropylene. And unlike wool, allergens can’t thrive on it.

Another synthetic material is polyester. But unlike nylon, unfortunately, it can’t effectively hold its fiber weight over time. Thus if you use this material, you might notice unsightly dips on your carpet surface. However, it’s relatively cheaper than nylon, so polyester is one of your best choices if budget is your top priority.

All the materials above are relatively similar in durability. Choosing between them is a matter of budget, resistance, and luxury. It’s up to you which of these factors you prioritize.

Carpet Style

Once you’ve settled on which carpet material works for you, the next thing you need to choose from is the style. Carpets come in various styles, from Saxony, Berber, or textured. These styles are merely descriptive of how the carpet looks. But rather than their appearance, you should be choosing the carpet style that suits your lifestyle better. Some of these styles are prone to “pooling” when footprints and vacuum tracks shade particular areas when reversed. No homeowner can be fluent in talks like this. Hence, the best way to approach this is by asking carpet manufacturers or sellers to recommend carpets that fit your lifestyle.

Carpet Padding

Carpet padding affects your carpet’s support, strength, cushioning, and insulation. Other than these, the padding can also conceal floor imperfections to refine your floor’s finish. Your carpet can either have firm, dense padding or lesser protection depending on where you’ll be using it, influencing the room’s traffic. Such that, high-traffic areas typically need more protection than lower-traffic ones.


While there’s less discussion of aesthetics here, since it isn’t as significant as the carpet’s material, it doesn’t mean how your carpet looks with your room and appliances isn’t essential. After your comfort, the pleasantness in your eyes comes in next. With so many colors and designs, deciding the right finish for your carpet can likewise be draining. Make your decision-making easier by narrowing your choice to match your carpet’s color or design to your room’s overall mood.

Blues and greens make your room look more peaceful. Warm or golden shades make rooms look cozier. Light colors make small spaces feel more extensive and more open. Besides the aesthetic feel, you can also choose your carpet’s color for practical reasons. For instance, darker shades, especially black ones, best hide stains. Bottom line, your preference may precede whatever suggestions the internet throws you when it comes to aesthetics. After all, you will be living with that carpet, not that anonymous user you’ve found on Reddit or Quora. 

Carpet Maintenance Choosing and installing a carpet isn’t the end of your endeavors. There is also the need to maintain it. This takes more effort, consistency, and knowledge than decision-making. Cleaning your carpet isn’t just a matter of a few scrubs or minutes of vacuuming. Sometimes, you’d need a professional to get it thoroughly cleaned. This ensures that you and your family stay safe and healthy while around it. To guarantee this, you need to either clean it regularly or invest in a good cleaning company. For the latter, one of the most recommended steam carpet cleaning in Toronto and other close areas is From Dark To Light. If you’re interested in inquiring about their services, you can reach out to them via visiting their website.

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