Are your basements barely used for storing and holding only? Reading this write-up will change your mind.

A basement part of the building with one or more floors is entirely or partially below the ground floor. Basements are typically used as a functional space for a facility where items such as the water heater, boiler, breaker panel or fuse box, car park, and air-conditioning system are located. So as are the amenities such as the electrical distribution system and cable television distribution point. However, basements are often fitted out to a high standard in cities with high property prices and used as living spaces. For some, the term “basement” is used for lower-level floors of, for example, malls and superstores. However, the term is only used with houses when the space below their ground floor is habitable, with access and windows. The term cellar applies to the whole underground level or any sizable underground area. A sub-cellar is a cellar that rests further underneath.

Apart from those mentioned above, basements could also be improved to make them pleasing to look at and become more functional. Here are the tips that one could make to their basements:

1. Make a living room. Why not have two or more family rooms? Renovating a basement is the perfect opportunity to give your home more places where you can relax. A living room in the basement is ideal for getting together with the family, watching movies, singing karaoke, or unwinding. Creating a warm basement living room is an attractive and functional way to spruce up your basement design.

2. Convert the basement into a bedroom space. Do you have a teenager who is tired of sharing a bedroom with a younger sibling? Is extended family always staying over? Creating a bedroom in the basement will give someone the space, comfort, and privacy they need for a good night’s rest. Creating a recess with a built-in bed and shelves is excellent for smaller basements should you want an extra sleeping area but don’t have the space. Make sure your design plans include enough space for bathroom renovations as well!

3. Home Theater Experience. What better amenities to include in your basement plans than having a home theater. Basements ideally have little to no windows, making the dark space ideal for that movie theater feel. Elevate the floor to add rows of recliners or couches, add fixtures with soft lighting so you can fade, and exchange a large TV for a screen and projector. Whatever the style may be, there are tons of home theater ideas!

4. A playground for your kiddos. Cool ideas don’t just have to be for the adults—consider doing something fun for your kiddos with your basement redesign! A rock-climbing wall, stairs that turn into a slide, and built-in shelves to house games or toys are awesome kids’ playroom ideas for your basement.

5. What about a “bar”? Having a bar is a fantastic idea for upgrading your basement. Put some cabinets with a built-in counter against the wall to keep the space open, or make your basement bar a prominent place to mingle with wrap-around tops, lovely bar stools, and counters. Include significant style points with a built-in fridge, countertop beer tap, and many snacks! Whether you’re hoping to entertain or build the ultimate man cave, a home bar is excellent for any basement.

6. Want an extra income? Convert into an Apartment. Take a spare bedroom in the basement one step further by converting your underground space into an apartment suite. Go with a kitchenette with an island and updated appliances, a small area to put a couch for relaxing, and divide the bedroom and bathroom. You can have the space be rented out and earn some extra money or let your college kids stay there in between living arrangements and jobs.

The list goes on and on about utilizing your basement for something worthwhile. Should you need basement renovations in Durham, A&A Home Repair Services is the one you are looking for! They are proud to offer home repair services in Canada. They are a licensed home repair contractor, fully insured, and experienced in renovations, making them the perfect choice to work on your home.

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