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In homes and offices, drywall has been trending for a long time. Compared to the lath and plaster method, drywall construction is popular since overall costs are lesser and are not so labor-intensive. Let’s identify common drywall repair issues.

The popularity of drywall panels has skyrocketed over the years. It’s the most widely-used choice for a reason. Whether for interior walls and ceilings, drywall brings a lot of cost and labor-effective solutions to construction.

Before World War II, plaster was the primary material used. Then drywall took over and was used in most walls and ceilings. Check out the following reasons why drywall construction is well known:

Installation is quicker

A few types of drywall panels, like gypsum plaster which are paper encased, can be found in hardware stores. It’s easy to install drywall panels because professionals only need to measure and cut the boards in the spaces provided. That way, installation is more accessible and won’t be as labor-intensive as usual.

Low Labor Costs

There is a lot of difference in labor costs when comparing drywall and plaster. The labor costs for the latter are much higher because it is a specialized trade. Meanwhile, drywall construction is simple, without any complex training or skillset. And because drywall saves a lot on labor costs, people choose the DIY approach when it comes to installation.

Repairs are easier

A DIY approach may be possible, but let’s face it – there are times when repairing the drywall and doing so won’t be enough to get the job done. Although drywall isn’t as durable as plaster, both are prone to structural damage. The difference lies in the convenience of getting repairs.

Mending plaster requires a skilled plasterer, which is quite rare. It may take a long time for you to find one, much more, a person who’s experienced. However, professional drywall repair services have better and broader options.

Common issues found in drywalls

Even though drywall is durable, it can be susceptible to wear and tear. There may even be issues caused by improper installation. Let’s look into the most Common Drywall issues that need to repair:

1 – Big & Small Holes

Drywall can often show several holes due to extra installations like doorknobs, furniture, and other fixtures that must be attached to them. While it may not cause significant damage entirely, it can be unpleasant to look at the more you neglect it. Unavoidable accidents can also make a massive dent in the drywall that calls for substantial repair.

2 – Nail or Screw Pops

When screws are driven too far down when drilling against the drywall, they can pop and cause damage. Another cause is when there are loose screws in the stud’s center. And sometimes, the stud can expand and contract due to temperature changes.

3 – Drywall Tape Residue

If drywall installation is done improperly, it can lead to splits, loose strips, and adhesive sticking. Some professionals can take them out entirely if you don’t want an expensive replacement for the drywall with tape residue.

4 – Cracks

You can easily spot drywall cracks along the joints or where the two panels meet. Thermal contraction and expansion are the common cause, which eventually stresses out the material. Always remember never to take any drywall cracks lightly.

It can signal a more significant problem: structural damage in the home or building itself. You need to call professional drywall services to minimize the risk of any large-scale damage.

5 – Water Damage

Although drywall is a cost-efficient material, it’s not waterproof and can get damaged if wet. Failure to address it can lead to severe problems such as mold or mildew growth. New installation is needed to reduce health risks.

Excellent common drywall repair with The Patchboys of St. Louis

Holes, tears, and cracks on the drywall threaten your home’s structural integrity. You can’t leave them as is since it might worsen things. Your walls and ceilings will eventually thank you if you invest in professional handiwork.

Regardless of the size of your wall dent, or the number of dings or holes, we can take care of it for you. Each one of our team delivers the job seamlessly, ensuring that the same issue won’t occur twice. And since we are a trusted team in St. Louis, you can always go right with having us repair all of the drywall damages in your home.

St. Louis’ experts drywall repair brings you the best and most flawless drywall repair because you deserve it. Request our services today if your drywall shows signs of wear and tear. We’ll gladly help you!

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