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Axiom 360 provides excellent and the cheapest solar panel installation in San Luis Obispo. Yet despite this great opportunity, most homeowners hesitate to grab it with personal, unbacked biases exacerbated by false information. This article aims to bust these pieces of disinformation one by one.

Face it. The world is facing a proliferation of misinformation today. With everyone having easy access to technology and the internet, anyone can create content that, when given enough attention and written with great delivery, can be mistaken as factual without checking.

Most people can blindly and naively believe in any information they encounter, whether because of insufficient resources or simple negligence to fact-check. For small-scale news and data, misinformation can be considered insignificant. Between people believing or unbelieving, it doesn’t provide much difference to their community.

However, often, false information is created around topics of sufficient importance. Information wherein, if fabricated, can lead to misconceptions that prevent people from living better, more comfortable lives. From political matters to even simple mundane household knowledge, people might have unknowingly been convinced by misinformation.

A Common Solar Panels Misconception

If it’s about common misjudgments people believe in, technological devices are typical victims. Among these, people are mainly skeptical of those that promise numerous benefits without physical means of measuring them. One is the recent, can-be household name, solar energy or panels.

Commercial and residential use of solar energy is steadily rising. This popularity is anticipated to bloom continuously, with some states mandating the use of common solar panels in newly built houses. However, despite this positive trend, lack of negative feedback, and the numerous benefits solar energy offers, many misconceptions still surround it.

Due to common misconceptions, most homeowners still need to be convinced to invest in solar power. This article aims to settle matters straight and end misinformation about this alternative energy source.

It’s Too Expensive

It’s typical for homeowners to assume foreign devices will be expensive. After all, it can be common economic knowledge. The fewer people with access to it mean two things, the lesser the production or, the higher the device’s price should be. Solar devices could easily be mistaken as the latter, which is precisely why most homeowners resist purchasing or inquiring about this.

However, not all solar panels and installation processes are expensive. The price homeowners have to shell out depends on various factors. The size of the house and the equipment are the primary determining factors for this. Not to mention labor costs can also contribute to this computation. It’s a given that common solar panel installation costs a particular amount, but homeowners can reduce their costs by researching beforehand.

They should determine what system they need by calculating how much power their system requires. Identifying this system can be challenging, especially with various brands and types in the market. This is where professionals can come in. Homeowners must also look into the business industry and ascertain that they’ll only receive professional help from the best.

While Common Solar Panels Power Houses, They Don’t Do So Automatically

While offering significant benefits, there is also still a limitation to what these panels do, and it’s also essential that homeowners are aware of these. Installing common solar panels doesn’t automatically mean they can power appliances during power outages. Some of these panels are installed with grid-ties systems, allowing them to generate clean energy alone. These systems don’t store the energy the panels acquire and generate electricity when the power goes down.

So, what’s the use of common solar panels if they can’t power my house during blackouts?

While it can’t power houses directly during outages, it can still help prolong the electricity supply through a battery-backed system. The energy accumulated from the panel doesn’t go to the appliances or the household’s system. Instead, it can charge these batteries, which will power appliances once the power goes down.

What solar panels offer outside of charging batteries is solar incentives. This means homeowners can earn a small amount back from their electricity supplier with the energy their panels provide back to the system. Solar panels don’t just help houses power up some fixtures in blackouts; they can also offer a little incentive back for homeowners.

It Only Works in Sunny Climates

It could be due to the name, but one of the most damaging misconceptions about solar panels revolves around how it works. Most people believe that they only work in a sunny climate. The higher the temperature, the more energy these panels could gather – WRONG. Solar panels absorb the sun’s energy, not the temperature. Hence, they can be utilized in any weather condition, whether rainy or sunny. After all, the sun still gets to the earth in these conditions.


With installation depending on various factors, it’s easy for homeowners to get the lower end of the deal. It’s crucial that homeowners only contact trusted companies for their solar energy inquiries and needs. For services related to solar panel installation in San Luis Obispo and nearby areas, homeowners can contact Axiom 360 for help. Homeowners can be assured of receiving only the best suggestions and advice fit for their needs.

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