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Dirty, smelly bathrooms are the worst. It doesn’t matter if it’s a home or an office; an unclean washroom should not be tolerated. If you have difficulty maintaining your restroom’s cleanliness, a “divine intervention” is the only way. In other words, professional cleaning services.

No one likes an unkempt washroom – be it public or private. A toilet is a sacred place where we get to relieve ourselves of the things we carry within us. And you might not have heard this yet, but there is an unspoken rule about toilet cleanliness that speaks volumes about a home or establishment.

A disgusting restroom leaves an off-putting smell to anyone who comes across it. Not only does it leave a wrong impression in public places, but dirty toilets can also seriously impact the image of any home or business establishment.

Why is it essential to maintain toilet cleanliness?

This probably goes without saying. People’s health and safety are at risk when restrooms are neglected. Aside from being a vital place to do “business,” toilets reflect the management style of a home or organization.

In the case of businesses, customers often observe the quality of the restrooms. Some of them even compliment the establishment if its toilets are not only well-designed but also well-cleaned.

What are the most unsanitary restroom habits that everyone must stop?

1 – Not flushing the toilet after every usage

It is a disaster when you can’t flush the water closet because that feature implies safe and smoother sewage disposal. However, some toilet users commit the mistake of leaving their business where it lands and not having the decency to flush after using it.

Everyone should be courteous enough to flush the toilet before someone else uses it. You must know that sewage that fails to flush down eventually spreads its foul smell and other airborne microorganisms throughout the room and maybe even further.

Even though air vents and fresheners are solutions to curb lousy odor, it is always a good practice to flush the toilet so that no bad smell will spread.

2 – Sharing soap dishes

Soap dishes are often a good breeding ground for airborne germs and other microorganisms that are harmful to a person’s health. Cross-contamination is a common occurrence that leads to many diseases, especially when toilet users share a soap bar.

Even though bar soap has animal or vegetable fat components that remove germs from the skin, it does not kill bacteria unless the soap has specific antibacterial ingredients added. One way to prevent such cross-contamination is to use liquid or foaming soap dispensers with disinfecting properties in the soap.

Liquid soap not only makes handwashing easier and more fragrant, but it also saves water consumption. There are sensor-activated soap dispensers you can avail yourself of to achieve absolute hygiene. Contactless hygiene is the trend nowadays, as it still provides adequate hand sanitation and does not require physical contact to function.

4 – Not washing hands

Sadly, this has to be discussed even for a bit. Not washing your hands before leaving the toilet has been proven to spread viruses and diseases you can contract through toilets. With dangerous conditions spreading at an alarming rate, no one is safe.

Remember thatwashing your hands after using the toilet should be a crucial habit for everyone to maintain good hygiene and stay healthy.

4 – Using the same hand towels

Like sharing the same bar soap, wet towels are also excellent breeding grounds for harmful bacteria. Its moist, warm and absorbent state can also speed up the cross-contamination between shared users. To avoid that, use paper towels, which are disposable and can still dry your hands after washing.

Or, you could also opt for an automatic hand dryer instead. Many also work in a sensor-activated manner and dispense hot air as soon as your wet hands are within its range.

5 – Improper waste disposal

There is an unspoken rule that you can tell a person’s true colors with how they handle their garbage. How people dispose of their trash, whether in public or private, says much about who they are when no one is looking.

Unfortunately, many people still don’t throw their trash correctly in toilets, even in their homes; to the point that in public restrooms, there has to be a sign plastered on every nook and cranny to throw one’s garbage in the bin, and not flush it down the toilet.

6 – Not wiping off the toilet seat

Sometimes, the lingering smell of a person who used the toilet before you can be insufferable, but generally the odor dissipates shortly. However, nothing beats the awful feeling of seeing the toilet seat that has been splattered by the previous occupant and left unwiped. Practicing a quick look and courteous swipe before handwashing can avoid this faux pas.

Are you having problems with dirty toilets? ACS Affordable Cleaning Services is the key!

The cleaner a toilet is, the more significant its positive impact on your health. Regardless if it’s a one-time deep clean or frequently scheduled service, your bathrooms need much love. ACS Affordable Cleaning Services is perfect for Post-Construction Cleaning in Coralville!

Often, a dirty washroom after remodeling or renovation is not exempt from the risks. After all, there is dust and microparticles from materials that people use during construction. While cleaning yourself up is optional, you must sometimes implement professional assistance. You might even fall prey to the constant rust or calcium build up on a regular basis because of the quality of the water in your area that creates an unclean image even when other rules are applied.

ACS Affordable Cleaning Services are trustworthy and thoroughly trained to clean homes excellently. Our standards are up to the highest quality, guaranteeing cleaning is done without fail.

If you want peace of mind knowing that your bathroom is now free of dust and grime, don’t hesitate to contact us at ACS Affordable Cleaning Services, and we’ll gladly help you with whatever post-construction cleaning you need!

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