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Despite their name, the Wahand Roofing team is proficient in all aspects of home development; they’re one of the best basement developers in Airdrie, Alberta.

Sometimes called a cellar, a basement is a room in the home that is entirely below the ground floor or just partly submerged. It is used in a number of various ways, usually as a storage or inventory area where miscellaneous items are held, e.g., unused furniture, old objects, rusted items, etc. It is also sometimes the place where the breaker, fuse box, water heater, or furnace are placed; sometimes, all of them. There is also a growing trend among modern homeowners to retrofit the basement into a parking lot if there is adequate space for a ramp leading outside; or as the central location for the air-conditioning system. In more affluent communities and luxurious areas, basements are also renovated into high-quality living spaces or specialty rooms, like so-called man caves or bars.

The advantage of having a basement in the house for homeowners is the addition of a versatile space in the building. Their location below the ground (whether fully or partially) also enhances the energy efficiency of a house by a slight margin. Since the layers of rock and soil surrounding the basement walls insulate the space, temperatures can be kept at standard room levels while also adjusting the temperature of adjacent rooms above. This is an especially important aspect in the Province of Alberta, where the temperature can go as cold as 23 to 5°F in the daytime.

Elevated houses, ones that are built on hills, can also benefit immensely from constructing a basement. It offers a wonderful opportunity to create another entry point from the outside that can be sufficiently secured.

The biggest advantage a basement can offer, though, is the ease of access homeowners and handymen are given when attempting to conduct maintenance work or general upkeep. Plumbing and electrical repairs are also made much easier because the pipes are already under the floor and exposed in a more safe location.

Concerns to Consider When Constructing a Basement

When taking into consideration whether or not to have a basement or make major improvements to an existing one, the two biggest concerns are always the costs that are involved in the project and the chances of flooding or major water leaks occurring if you decide to continue with the undertaking.

Although dependent on the extent of the project the homeowner wants to conduct, the costs of the construction work are usually calculated per square foot area of the total project size.

The assistance of a reliable contractor (like Wahand Roofing, one of the best basement developers in Airdrie) is critical in establishing proper basement waterproofing to prevent severe moisture seepage and buildup that would risk slowly damaging the foundation of the house itself. Remember, the basement is an essential part of the foundation of the house; it helps secure the stability and long-term integrity of the structure.

What Should Constructing a Basement Entail?

A properly designed basement takes into account adequate lighting and ventilation in the space (they are also required in most places, so the project is up to code).

Proper ventilation in a basement is key to maintaining an odorless and dry air circulation throughout the whole room while filtering out dusty and contaminated air. Terrible ventilation leads to equally terrible air quality, which can cause breathing issues and allergic reactions.

Proper lighting in a basement allows for effective use of the basement. All light switches should be found at the entrance, so there is no need to walk around the whole room trying to brighten up the whole space.

The presence of a higher basement ceiling also allows for the addition of ceiling or exhaust fans and a light well that allows for natural light and air to get inside the basement more easily.

Wahand Roofing’s Transparent and Simple Basement Development Process

With Wahand Roofing, homeowners can get the benefit of a customer-centered approach that puts homeowners directly into the driver’s seat. The Wahand Roofing team sees themselves as the instructors, the guides; everything else is according to the homeowner’s discretion. With their customer-centered process, the homeowner will not worry about being hoodwinked and taken advantage of. The home is an important and sacred place and should be treated as such.

If you’re thinking of availing of Wahand Roofing’s services, these are the steps of their whole process: (1) Discussing over the phone or in person the details of the project and expected costs; (2) Review of the project area in full to create the best layout and design catered to the homeowner’s needs; (3) Finalizing of the project proposal according to homeowner’s concerns and the team’s capabilities.

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