The online market world is one big jungle in that only brave, and strong businesses can survive. But being robust is not enough; what businesses need, whether small or large-scale, is good planning and strategic methods. Specifically, excellent and effective marketing strategies. 

Who hasn’t heard or known about Coca-Cola? More importantly, who hasn’t tried opening a Coke bottle on a hot summer day? 

There’s something about the trademarked red and white, world-over loved soft drinks that goes deep into the core of every household. When people catch a glimpse of Coca-Cola’s iconic slim curvy bottle or ice-cold can, a surge of thirst spontaneously comes up that almost needs to be quenched immediately. To others, Coca-Cola’s symbol is reminiscent of home and childhood. 

That’s how this famous carbonated soft drink company was able to capture the world and the people’s hearts – and stomachs! The secret of Coca-Cola’s success lies in its robust and consistent marketing strategies that aim to capture consumers’ multi-sensory preferences. Coca-Cola’s successful take on its marketing strategy made it survive for more than 120 years in the consumer industry and goes on to prove just how important a marketing strategy is for any business. 

Benefits of a Good Marketing Strategy

All businesses need a game plan to reach their goals, especially when it comes to revenue and growth. A marketing strategy provides the company with that required plan of action to get prospective customers and turn them into actual-buying consumers. 

A marketing strategy typically consists of the following: product, price, place, and promotion. These 4Ps should come together, revolving around a company’s mission and vision, to develop strategies to make the business achieve that “click” with its consumers. After all, a business is all about its consumers. 

One of the benefits of an effective marketing strategy is that it is the critical component that drives the business’s success, especially in sales. More than just attracting new customers, sales revenue is the lifeblood of a business that would determine how long a company can survive or thrive in the commercial world. 

Creating a solid foundation in the marketplace is another benefit of a well-planned marketing strategy. Aside from sales revenue, businesses aim to make their way, conquer, and firmly establish themselves in the market – and even strive to outlast and stand out against the competition! 

Top Must-Have Marketing Strategies

For the longest time, businesses have been adapting to the changes in time and trends. The marketplace is a consumer world, so companies should provide what consumers want and need. Or, businesses should strive to create a need within their target market. 

These are the main goals of marketing strategies: meeting demands or needs and creating new ones. A marketing strategy becomes successful depending upon the methods used and the channels through which it is carried out. 

Below are some top marketing strategies that businesses should already have in their business planning. 

Web Digital Campaigns

Anyone with a social media account would probably know about a web digital campaign. Examples of web digital campaigns are the ads flashing on social media newsfeeds and the pop-up ads on websites, including those product marketing emails. In today’s world, there is a takeover of web digital campaigns. 

It could be surmised that web digital campaigns, also known as digital marketing campaigns, are strategic online marketing efforts that boost online consumer engagement and drive website or social media traffic, sales conversion, and revenue. Some popular digital campaigns include content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and pay-per-click marketing. 

Orange Digital Technologies is a digital marketing company that offers solutions to help attain business goals. The online company has been creating a solid online presence for its clients that helps drive business revenue via online strategies such as content marketing, web and logo designs, and other marketing materials.  

Public Relation Events

If there’s a marketing strategy that never goes out of style and fashion, it’s holding public relations (PR) events. Typical forms of PR events are product launches and brand awareness campaigns. Considered a consistent business revenue-maker tactic, PR sought to establish a company’s product or service and make it stand out from its competition. PRs are responsible for creating the buzzword about a product or a service, making the target market aware of the benefits of becoming consumers, and instilling a sense of loyalty that will enhance the business brand’s reputation. 

Leverage on Brand Ambassadors

Nowadays, it’s all about representation – brand ambassadors such as celebrities and influencers. The best way to get the word out about a business’s product or service is by hiring a celebrity or social media influencer with an established number of followers. The company should find a celebrity or influencer that is the right match for their niche products or services. Think of the impact and the potential profit it’ll bring if a business leverages these people to promote its brands! 

Invest in Marketing Research

What would marketing strategies be without good market research and analysis? Marketing research helps identify the target audience, including the target market’s demands, to save time and resources. Marketing research usually breakdown the target market into demographics according to age, gender, location, lifestyle, income, etc. The study would also delve deep into the strength, weaknesses, and opportunities present in the market. 

The Upshot

Coca-Cola’s success in marketing was not an overnight instance. It took a lot of strategic planning, teamwork, dedication, and passion that led to the brand is a leading global company in soft drinks that is now known today. Coca-Cola’s triumph in the industry resulted from effective expert planning and well-thought-out marketing – the exact combination that will drive businesses’ revenue and advancement.  

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