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If all the dust and the filth are piling up in your spaces and you do not have enough time to clean, you are fortunate that Affordable Cleaning Services does residential cleaning in North Liberty.

A majority of people hate cleaning. It simply isn’t on a lot of people’s radars. Your average Joe is more likely to put it on hold until the dirt becomes completely unbearable. Everyone has a limit. And the problem is that everyone pushes it, skirts around, and generally want to clean at the last minute. Laziness is a potent drug, and when it hits you, it’s not long until the disarray overwhelms you, and you’re forced to move—and by then, there will be a mountain to clean up.

Even when you think you can put off cleaning for too long, the truth is that you shouldn’t…not if you want to maintain a standard. Cleaning is an extensive task, and it is not only to keep up a pleasing appearance for your self-satisfaction and when guests come to visit. More importantly, it is also to maintain your health. 

Most people forget that one’s health is not only due to internal factors but also greatly affected by what happens around them. That fact is why you should always be mindful of cleanliness. As they say in scripture, cleanliness is next to godliness. 

But for the obstinate of you who stubbornly think they can keep postponing that much-needed cleaning, you should continue reading.

Dust is a significant problem and will grow bigger if you don’t do something about it.

Dust is pervasive enough that some people think it’s not an issue to ignore even for a little bit. You may pick up a broom or rev up the vacuum to eradicate it. However, accumulating dust is problematic for people who live in dirt-prone areas, especially for those with allergies. Dust is one of those things that will get into anything, and together with pollen, your eyes will constantly be watering and your nose dripping with snot if you don’t act on it immediately. What’s worse, though, with dust and pollen, are the mites that follow. Dust mites are vile creatures; they live on your skin and poop all over, which doesn’t need much more elaboration.

Bathrooms are notorious in terms of germs. Lack of cleanliness will become a catastrophe if left unattended.

Few like to clean their bathrooms. No one wants to kneel, their face level with the toilet seat, scrubbing off the grime, splatters, and other unmentionable things. But that’s what you get when you ignore cleaning for too long. People would like to think that bathrooms clean themselves. Unfortunately, it’s the place where they brush their teeth, take a bath, and wash their hands. In short, where they go to get clean themselves.  There’s constant cleaning going on in the bathroom, so it must be clean—right? WRONG! Most living things need water, which is also the principal medium people clean themselves with; when you’re cleaning with water, all the dirt and germs cling to these areas where they can thrive. Moreover, the water on the bathroom floor is a hotspot for mildew and mold, bringing a whole host of problems beyond making the room look gross.

Dirtiness also invites other problems.

A troubling result of grime is decay. When the dust, grime, organic oils, and water pile up and accumulate, rot usually follows. Haven’t you noticed that the rustier the car, the more it is likely to break down? That is because rust eats away at the car’s components. As rust does to cars, so does filth and grime eat away at many objects inside the house, such as blankets, pillows, etc. Filth also invites pests. Ignoring the buildup of trash is a surefire way of calling in rats, roaches, and other repulsive creatures. Dirty habits lead to dirty places, which leads to dirty little pests. Though, the most significant problem with pests is that once you get them, it’s pretty challenging to get rid of them—even when you’ve done all the cleaning. That’s why it’s all so important to prevent their presence in the first place by timely cleaning.

But what if you know the problems, but don’t have time to do anything about them?

It’s not fun. It’s not something most people look forward to, but cleaning is essential. Deeply so. But sometimes, you need more time to accomplish the task. Sometimes, it feels like the world is actively preventing you from cleaning. 

Fortunately for you, ACS-Affordable Cleaning Services offers year-round, extensive residential cleaning in North Liberty. They are members of the Area Business Partners Association and two-time winners of the City’s Best Award. Their staff is well-trained, and estimates are free. Just call 319.471.3880 today to book your appointment.

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