Plumbing is essential to any house; bathroom plumbing is among the many types of accouterments that should be considered high value.

Steven A. Calendine and his construction firm, Handshakers Construction LLC, offer fantastic bathroom and kitchen plumbing services in Cincinnati, Ohio. Their professional carpenters and plumbers deliver excellent results that clients will enjoy for many days. If you need reliable solutions for renovations, remodeling, and more, Handshakers Construction LLC is the one to call.

With that said, let’s look at some plumbing practices that every homeowner must know. The things we’re about to list here will be vital for maintenance and general knowledge beneficial for the house.

What Homeowners Need to Know About Bathroom Plumbing is Where to Find…

1. Their Water Main

A home’s water main is the area where water flows into the house all the way from the municipal water source. In cases where homeowners own a well, the main valve where well water is pumped into the household is the water main.

Homeowners must know where the water main is, how to turn it off, and ensure they can utilize it in emergencies. If one ever visits, it’ll also be easier for homeowners to show a plumber where the water main is located.

2. The Sewer Clean-Out Valve

Knowing where the sewer clean-out valve is also essential. Plumbers might need to open the sewer clean-out valve, especially if an extremely deep clog occurs beneath the house. No S-trap deconstruction or plunging will ever clear the clog up, so homeowners will need to point their sewer clean-out valves out to plumbers.

Homeowners Also Need to Know How To…

3. Turn Off Water Supply to Appliances, Sinks, and Toilets

Each water-running appliance, shower, sink, and toilet is connected to the plumbing system, together with a shut-off valve. They’re designed so homeowners can do some work (e.g., fixes, renovations, installations, etc.) without accidentally flooding their homes. Homeowners must take the time to find every single one in their households.

Shut-off valves are typically located behind an appliance or inside a cabinetry nearby. Ensure that you can access them and shut them off whenever needed. Knowing this essential tip about plumbing will undoubtedly help homeowners safeguard their homes.

Bathroom plumbing is tricky, and if one doesn’t turn the shut-off valves off, things can quickly get messy. Hiring trustworthy bathroom and kitchen plumbing services in Cincinnati, Ohio, can help lessen the risk of running into some serious plumbing issues.

4. Supplant the Sink Aerators

If you’re unfamiliar with sink aerators, here are three things they do: slightly filter water, save water, and soften water. The thing about them is that they eventually become filthy and wear out over time. Homeowners must learn how to replace a sink aerator for every sink faucet. Worry not, though, since replacing sink aerators is as easy as changing bottle tops.

5. Unclog Shower Drains, Toilets, and Sinks

Clogs will eventually happen whether we like it or not. Stock up on some vinegar, a couple of plungers, and Zip-its. Homeowners must learn to handle all kinds of clogs, from clogs in the kitchen sink to conventional toilet clogs. Practice opening an S-Trap as well because items might be stuck in them.

6. Fix a Running Toilet

A running toilet is one of the most severe plumbing issues homeowners can encounter. Not only is it a colossal waste of water, but its loud noises can also be grating to the ears. Plus, it makes flushing difficult as well. Homeowners must know how to supplant the internal toilet tank array components after turning off the water.

7. Un-jam a Jammed Garbage Disposal

Garbage disposals are usually the types that can be easily un-jammed using a tool that looks mighty similar to an alan wrench. What this tool does is that it twists the blades in a “back-and-forth” motion until whatever was stuck in them is released. Check the garbage disposals and find out if it has that tool.

8. Identify and Fix Issues With Hard Water

Although hard water is relatively easy to fix, homeowners need to recognize and resolve the presence of hard water whenever the household taps spew it out. Vinegar is a good solution for hard water, so utilize them whenever necessary.

Homeowners Must Also Master the Art of Maintenance For…

9. Drains so that Clogs are Prevented

Always keep in mind what things shouldn’t be flushed down the drain. Learn how to utilize drain screens and traps. Don’t pour eggshells and cooking grease into the garbage disposal. And know how to cascade fizzing vinegar into the drain during emergencies.

10. Become Familiar With Water-Based Appliances

Take the time to acquaint yourself and be familiar with the water-based appliances inside the household. Dishwashers, ice makers, washers — everything. Be aware of where the water flows from, how to turn it off, and how to perform essential maintenance whenever an issue arises.

Regular folks may find it intimidating, but knowing facts and practices about bathroom plumbing, or just plumbing in general, isn’t actually that hard. But to be extra safe, you can hire Handshakers Construction LLC and their bathroom and kitchen plumbing services in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Contact them by dialing (513) 370-1371 or visiting their website by clicking here. Read some of our other blogs as well, and learn things about bathroom renovations nobody tells you!

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