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Have a bare front yard? Maybe a yard that is too full. Well, with Picket Fences Landscape Design and Construction, you have the opportunity to be creative.

Where I am from, there are a lot of empty yards and flat gardens and parks. Very cookie-cutter and dull. It is a common sight all over America if all the consistent TikToks, Instagram posts, Tweets, and Facebook posts I see are true. It is all very dreary if I have to give my opinion. Back when I was much younger, at the least in the suburb I was growing up in, everything was much more vibrant and distinctive. Gardens and gazebos were much more ubiquitous. Everyone had inspired front yards and businesses; even the local mom-and-pop shops had wonderful landscaping! But those days are kind of gone now, especially in suburban and urban America, with restrictive conformist policies and a decline in homeownership among new generations. 

Landscapes are important in creating wonderful and beautiful communities. If you have to imagine a building as a cake, the landscaping around it is the icing. Whether it is a commercial building, a high-class mall, a golf club (especially a golf club), or a one-story house, landscaping can be transformative and eye-catching. With the changing climate, landscaping will become more and more important to adapt to the new weather patterns. Yet, landscaping is more than just having an attractive front yard or a beautiful garden; it is the establishment of places of respite, human communion, and entertainment.

Firstly, if you are not convinced by that overtly commercial spiel I just did, I cannot blame you. I would not be convinced either, but—to be frank—landscaping is very beneficial beyond just providing a neat and tidy space for homeowners to make use of and help make their homes more pleasing to the eye. 

Why You NEED Gardens and Gazebos

A well-designed landscape does wonders for the property value and can be a timely and convenient advertising platform (if you are planning on or are already running a business). Aside from that, there are countless ways that landscaping helps—but because we do not have time, I will give you some of the best reasons why you should do it:

  1. This is a bit hard for city dwellers, but if you live in a rural area or on the outskirts of a city, near the wilderness and such, landscaping is a brilliant method of preserving and integrating the natural areas that are adjacent to your building. THINK: gardens and gazebos. If we want to live in a society that prioritizes the well-being of the natural world, we have to begin inside our own homes and work from there. This is also doable in urban areas as well: by incorporating renewable and environmentally friendly materials into your landscaping (and making sure that upkeep and maintenance are ecologically sustainable), city-dwellers can contribute to nature preservation too.
  2. Keeping in line with the preservative function of landscaping when it comes to nature is pollution reduction. Through landscaping and especially by planting greenery such as flowers, shrubs, and trees, a qualitative change in air quality is guaranteed both inside the building and outside. This is very helpful if you live in a high-pollution area like the city. 
  3. As I have mentioned before, climate change is coming, and it is going to mess up what is considered a normal weather pattern. You might have already been aware of the recent trends, like snow in southern California, increased hurricane occurrences in the Atlantic, and heat waves over Europe. Those things are going to come over more consistently, and perhaps other things also. Landscaping helps provide some protection against erratic weather patterns. The presence of grass and trees helps root—no pun intended—down the surrounding soil while also shielding people and buildings from the sun and the wind. Proper landscaping that integrates the natural topography of the area helps prevent flooding or at least mitigate the damaging accumulation of water. 
  4. Another thing that you would not have considered with proper landscaping is the mental health it provides. The environments we put ourselves in have a great influence on our mental states. If we are always inside messy and intrusive spaces, that is reflected in our thinking, especially if we are not prepared for it. Have you ever felt a bit dizzy when in an overcrowded area? Have you ever felt bored in an empty space? The addition of gardens and gazebos, or just simply good landscaping, provides much-needed orderliness and structure to chaotic environments, which alleviates the weariness of the mind and provides closure.

Want some landscaping tips? Looking to flip over that drab and somber yard? Picket Fences Landscape Design and Construction has a brilliant and spectacular team who will see your creative landscaping aspirations realized.

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