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Most of the time, homeowners can get away with painting over their walls or covering them up with new wallpaper or artwork whenever they see damage on their walls. However, there comes a time when they may encounter more severe damages that opt for either pro or DIY drywall repair.

Let’s be honest. You’ve probably encountered it at least once or twice, whether accidental or because of a deliberate process that doesn’t necessarily involve it happening, per se. It happens quite a lot. Walls can incur damages easily, from household chores like moving furniture around or even simple movements like hitting it with your elbow.

It can be easy to overlook a subtle wall dent. Homeowners might even think they aren’t obvious, and people won’t notice or pay attention to them. Hence, they won’t think much about reparations. However, the damage still requires immediate attention and resolution regardless of size. Homeowners can opt for a straightforward cover-up, complete pro, or DIY drywall reparation.

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Depending on the damage’s severity, either can work just fine. The homeowner can do a simple drywall reparation, and the result would be perfect. At the same time, professionals can carry out any reparation task for their client’s satisfaction. But considering more than the dent’s size and other factors, choosing between the two options is essential.

In Between Pro or DIY Reparation

“Can’t we just cover it up?”

Like a writing mistake that people can cover up with white ink, it’s easy for homeowners to think they can cover any damage on their drywalls. After all, drywall is a tough material. A single dent or hole couldn’t take a whole section down. While a single crack isn’t necessarily significant enough to take one side of the wall off, it can still expose the house’s interior to elements that can gradually weaken its foundation.

Not to mention, if homeowners want to change how their interior looks and to decide to repaint their walls, they won’t get a smooth look on the wall because of their existing damage. It’ll only make things look worse than they already do, with the repainting job becoming patchy and uneven. This means painting over the drywall isn’t necessarily an effective workaround for these damages. On the other hand, if homeowners cover the dent with wallpaper to give the illusion of a smooth wall, a shadow will gradually appear where the dent or hole is concealed, giving a dirty look to one’s wall.

These drywall damages are common household accidents. But homeowners can still be stuck deciding whether to stick to DIY reparations or hire professionals for that drywall reparation.

When to Stick to DIY?

Some homeowners might be more than willing to jump right in and fix the damage themselves. Or they can be in situations when they can’t wait for external help and need a quick fixer-upper. Under the right circumstances, they can take on the job themselves.

They can carry out the reparations if the drywall damage includes small holes, scuffed drywall, small and subtle dents, and simple loose inside corner tapes. Firstly, homeowners must identify if the damage is light and if they can honestly and confidently handle it themselves. They can grab their tools and get right to work if it is. The advantage of doing the task themselves is its cost-effectivity. Compared to a professional’s work, a simple DIY is cheaper.

When to Hire a Professional?

This is obvious, but some homeowners may not want to acknowledge the lack of their skills. Hiring a professional is the right option if homeowners lack the experience to do the job themselves. After all, a drywall reparation isn’t just about cutting and pasting drywall. It also takes time and accuracy; often, only professionals can execute it flawlessly. Professionals must handle the job if the drywall damages include larger holes, water damage, and massive cracks that might contribute to the house’s foundation problems.

These issues are only properly repaired by specific tools and skills to handle these machines that drywall contractors have. These include but aren’t limited to drywall saw, furring strips, pre-mixed joint compound, and more. If homeowners opt for a DIY, they would have to purchase these, which are costly. Above the cost and tools, professionals are experts regarding drywall types to choose and use, allowing them to provide necessary advice to their clients.

Photo from One Handy Haole

A Trusted Professional

Beyond homeowners choosing between pro or diy reparations, they must also select a contractor to hire. Especially now, when there are a lot of fraudulent companies ready to scam people for their money, knowing that the professional they’re contacting is legitimate is critical. Regarding home reparations, One Handy Haole is a suitable contractor for everyone’s drywall needs. It’s a company offering drywall/texturing services in Maui Island and nearby areas, ready to take on any drywall task regardless of severity.

For inquiries and consultation, homeowners can reach them through their website at: Fix your home with One Handy Haole.

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