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One thing about Halloween is that you don’t need to get all stressed out with decorations. All you need is that “crazy” creative mindset and that spirit for fun and a good scare! 

It’s the spookiest time of the year when anyone and everyone around the world can dress up and get into full gear of the All Hallows’ Eve spirit. Halloween is one of the most celebrated holidays in the western world – and probably one of the world’s oldest, too. How it’s being held may differ from country to culture, but one thing is for sure, this festival isn’t complete without its share of ghouls, ghosts, and witches! 

What made Halloween something that kids of all ages (you can undoubtedly count adults in) are the decoration and costume mania that everyone seemed to be taking so seriously – Seriously! You seldom see a house up along a street not decked in spooky and scary garden decorations, or a front porch all jazzed up and packed with pumpkin jack-o’-lanterns, all lit up and grinning that devilish grin. Not to mention the here and there hair-raising booby traps that await candy-sweet trick-and-treaters. 

With Halloween just coming up around the block and about to go into full swing, why not jump on the bandwagon and join in the Halloween fun of decorations and treats?

Halloween Under the Microscope

Americans typically celebrate Halloween every October 31, rooted in the pre-Christian Celtic festival of Samhain. Two thousand years ago, the Celts believed that the dead returned to Earth on the night of October 31, Samhain. On this night, people would light up bonfires, pay homage and offer sacrifices to the dead. Some villagers would dress up in animal skin costumes to drive away unwelcome spirits or placate them by preparing a banquet on their behalf. This practice inspired modern-day Halloween trick-or-treating costumes and the so-called belief of the evil and otherworldly beings coming back to life and roaming the world on All Hallows’ Eve

As Christianity began to spread and take over Celtic lands, the old Samhain Paganism rituals were supplanted and replaced with the Christianity tradition of commemorating the dead every November 2, then named All Souls’ Day. 

In Mexico and other Latin American countries, Halloween takes the form of Día de Los Muertos, similar to Christianity’s celebration of All Souls’ Day. Día de Los Muertos festivity is a 3-day celebration that begins on the eve of October 31. 

Amazing Halloween Decorations 

The spookiest time of the year is best identified with its spine-chilling decors, baubles, ornaments, and get-ups that are creative, colorful, and fun. Don’t be left behind, and conjure up some magic, thrills, and treats with some of these top Halloween ideas to dress up your homes and get right into the mood of the festivity swing. 

The Haunted House Look

What would Halloween be without a classical haunting of houses? Create that chilling and eerie ambiance with some classic draping lace spiderwebs over windows, mantels, or fireplaces and along staircases and ceiling hallways. 3D changing framed face portraits are also a great idea. These face portraits add that spooky vintage touch to the house with pictures of people from the past dressed up in old fashion clothes – with faces that are hardly smiling. What’s excellent with 3D face portraits is how they changed from normal-looking expressions to suddenly becoming creepier by the minute. 

Other effects to achieve the creepy haunted looks could include “bloody” hand prints on walls and windows, fog machines, low-lighted chandeliers or candelabras, and dusty antiquated ornaments. 

Spooky Garden

A popular way to level up your garden for that Halloween look is to transform it into a graveyard with skeletons and tombs. You could install some ghoul animatronics to create real-life moving spooks that can shake, shrill, or scream when triggered. Jack-o’-lanterns pumpkin decorations never go out of style; they’re a staple Halloween décor tradition. Level up your jack-o’-lanterns by spray painting them black to make the devilish grin stand out even more. 

Don’t leave your plants out! Check out Casa Z’s 3D printed pots in Texas and their latest planter pots Halloween special edition collection. These planter pots sure love the good ol’ Halloween fun! Check out the Big Bob’s in removable Halloween masks, a perfect get-up for a night of fright and excitement. And if you want to add a spectral and unearthly light to add to the mood, grab hold of the “Spooky the Ghost” lamp for that ghostly touch to your outdoors. 

Scary Novelties   

Pulling off that Halloween look shouldn’t be complex with some exciting and crafty Halloween knick-knacks. Throw some witches’ cauldrons, broomsticks, and black cats here and there. Get crazy with white drapes spread in odd corners to create ghostly illusions. 

And don’t forget the bats! Hang some red-eyed bats on trees or ceilings along with string lights. Want to go bolder? Go for hand-crafted black coffins, mummies, zombies, or real-life-sized Grim Reaper.   

Making Memories

History had its version and remembrance of Halloween; now it’s your time to make Halloween your own! 

After all, Halloween is also all about making memories. So, get your Halloween spirit on, and take up the chance to get your house into (and in time) for that All Hallows’ Eve psyche! 

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