They may seem like a home accessory, but carpets are more than just another décor to add to the home interior design. The centerpiece of textile floor covering composed of synthetic fibers, carpets have found a special place in the hearts of homeowners who wanted a touch of warmth and homey ambiance, albeit aesthetically, that could fit in the needs and lifestyle of the people residing in the house. There are currently several types of carpet on the market in Minnesota suited to each room type and requirement of the user. Don Nash Flooring in Minnesota offers a selection of carpets and installation services for your carpet needs. Carpets are actually multifunctional in nature. They can be used as a decorative room piece, often a favorite floor covering, and even for health and safety reasons. They’re the perfect covering that protects the floor from people’s treading back and forth, and they’re stylish at the same time. They’re the ideal floor covering that can serve as a play piece where children can safely run around and frolic in, and they’re that soft and perfect covering for people who want to stretch out and lie down on the floor. But just like any piece of accessory or attachment, carpets need to be taken care of as well.

Carpet 101

Regular Vacuuming 

Carpets should be vacuumed regularly, preferably every week. Vacuuming reduces a carpet’s wear and tear. Vacuuming removes dirt and dust and effectively removes small rocks stuck on the carpet’s fibers brought about by foot and shoe traffic. Especially if there are pets around, the hoover device easily sucks in the fine hairs, allergens, pollens, and bacteria brought about by pets. 

Steam Cleaning

One of the best ways to deep clean a carpet is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning helps break down solid and hard dust, dirt, and other materials that are difficult to remove, penetrating deep within the fibers. This cleaning method uses extremely hot water, a technique called “hot water extraction.” Hot water extraction combines hot water and cleaning agents “shoot” or injected into the carpet’s fibers at high pressure, making it easy for a vacuum to remove stubborn dirt or soil.

Get Rid of Carpet Stains ASAP

If there’s a stain on the carpet, get rid of it immediately! Stains that stay long on the carpet over time become more and more difficult to remove. When cleaning out the stain, avoid scrubbing the fibers. Remove the stain by scooping it out or blotting it with a small amount of water using a towel, preferably a plain white towel. Avoid using a colored cloth as much as possible because there’s a risk of transferring dye color or even staining anew on the carpet. But if unable to successfully remove the stain, better call a professional carpet cleaner to do the job.

Don’t Step on the Carpet Using Shoes

Prevention is better than cure, right? So it also goes to say that prevention is better than remedy. The same goes with carpets. Better to avoid staining and ruining the carpet in the first place. One way to prevent dirtying up the carpet is to leave the shoes used outside the door right at the doorstep and avoid stepping on the carpet using shoes. Or altogether, stop wearing outdoor shoes inside the house. Outdoor shoes bring all the, well, outside dirt, grimes, and germs. And, heaven forbid, even fecal matters! Shoes make the dirt embed deeply into the carpet, further damaging and matting the fibers.

Avail Professional Carpet Cleaners

When all else fails, call the professionals! Or, when people don’t have the luxury of time or expertise in cleaning a carpet, it’s better to call and avail professional carpet cleaners’ services. Carpet cleaners are already trained in the right way of cleaning carpets, making sure that, aside from providing a pristinely cleaned carpet, the carpets are well-maintained, the fibers on the carpet look as fresh and new just like the way they looked when it was first bought. Professional carpet cleaners also have the right tools, equipment, and cleaning detergents needed for carpet cleaning. They know which cleaning ingredients to use that would not damage the carpet, and they know the right tool to use for each type of carpet. Hiring professional cleaners helps in saving money and time from cleaning carpets, and often inefficiently cleaning at that. The market for floor coverings is full of different choices for carpets, depending on the need and lifestyle of the homeowner. Owning a carpet doesn’t begin and end in selecting and purchasing the carpet; ownership also involves caring for and maintaining the carpet. The goal of carpet ownership is to keep a carpet that’s clean, functional, and ultimately lasting for a long time, which is achievable through proper carpet use and upkeep.

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