I Like to Move it, Move It: A Guide for those Relocating

Moving scares me. The thought of leaving everything you once had behind and going into an unknown place; maybe it’s the new surroundings, maybe it’s the thought of not knowing anyone, or maybe it’s just the mere anonymity of the locals. There’s something about moving that makes me anxious about leaving the past behind me, but at the same time intrigued by the new future that awaits.

There is so much to prepare when moving to a new place. Be it for work, school, or the thrill of a new life, the moving process can be very tedious and stressful for many people.  Here are some tips that may help you when moving to Hampton, VA:

  1.       Familiarize the Location

Not knowing where anything is always one of the biggest struggles when moving to an unknown place. Check out the area in Google maps and look for essential places nearby. You may want to start with nearby food strips in your planned residence and office or the local grocery store to load up on the basic supplies that you may need. It is also good to know the nearest emergency services such as the hospital, police station, fire station, bank or ATM, and courthouse just in case.

  1.       Meet the Community

Moving to an unknown place can get lonely, especially when you leave behind the people you are closest to. Meeting the locals through your various hobbies and clubs may help you make acquaintances with people in the city while having something to bond over.

Get to know local festivals that may happen in that area you are interested in. In Virginia, the Blues, Brews and Barbeques festival in May, Shenandoah Apple Blossom Festival in April, and Neptune Festival along Virginia Beach are some exciting festivals that you may want to go to if you want to explore your new home, broaden your horizons, and experience their culture in-depth.

  1.       Moving All Your Stuff

As a basic rule, when moving to a new place, you’ll always need your documents like your birth certificates, passport, driver’s license, and degrees. It’s always best to pack these up and keep them in a safe location with you at all times.

For the rest of your belongings, you can always call a mover such as  International Van Lines if moving internationally or Hampton Roads Moving and Storage if moving to Hamptons, Virginia. However, it is always an excellent option to sort out the things you’ll want to keep, donate, or throw away first prior to moving.

  1.       Picking out a Neighborhood

Have any special needs? Are you traveling with pets? Not all areas are pet-friendly, leading some people to give up their pets for adoption before moving to a new place. However, there are always other options for that animal lover in you! Look for a residential area conducive to pets, and make sure that the residential area you are moving to is fitted to your other personal needs, such as allergies, health conditions, pet peeves, and the likes.  

When moving into your new residence, you may also want to have the place cleaned. If you’re moving to Hamptons, VA, you may want to check out Good Cleaning, LLC for their cleaning services. They also specialize in moving-in-moving-out cleaning and sanitizing, which can help you rid the place of unwanted germs or traces of the previous tenant.

  1.       Know the New Laws or Regulations

It is a given that different areas have different laws. Make sure that you are familiar with the new laws in the place you are moving to. Common mishaps may happen if you are used to jaywalking on streets or are unfamiliar with different traffic laws and vehicle safety laws.

  1.       Learn about Healthcare System and Insurance

Different states have different healthcare systems. It is best to check for the type of available healthcare system of your new home. If you come from a country that offers free healthcare, you should brace yourself for healthcare and insurance costs, especially if you are planning to move to the United States.

For those with existing insurance, it is also good to check if your existing plan covers the new area you are moving to or if there is a need to find a new insurance company. In Virginia, top-of-the-line healthcare is available in most hospitals like  University of Virginia Medical Center, Sentara Norfolk General, and Inova Fairfax Hospital are nationally recognized, so there is no need to worry about accessing basic services.

  1.       Be Equipped for Changes in Weather

Changes in season may be different in different parts of the world. It is crucial to make sure that your wardrobe is fully equipped for the new climate of the place you are moving to and if your residence is equipped for these changes in weather. Start buying the clothes you may need (special mention for winter attire!) or donating the clothes you may no longer use.

If moving to a place where the four seasons are experienced, start preparing clothes and supplies for other seasons. Don’t forget the importance of having the right balance of clothes in your closet. Don’t pack too many clothes for one season alone, but make sure to prioritize bringing clothes for the season that you will experience when you move. For example, in December, if moving to Hampton, Virginia, make sure to pack clothes for all four seasons while making sure that winter clothes are complete.

  1.       Prepare for Changes in Cost of Living

In some states, the cost of living is higher than in others, so it is important to consider these when moving to a new place. Basic expenses such as food, rent, electricity, water, or gas may be more expensive. You might want to make sure that you have enough money in your bank account first before moving to a place with a higher cost of living, such as Virginia.

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