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Though it might seem like it’s not a necessary part of the holiday clean-up, thoroughly checking the house for any damages is crucial. For any wall damages, homeowners can contact GMP Construction LLC, a drywall installer in Dundalk, MD.

The world will again fall into frenzied festivities in a few days. It may seem like it was only yesterday, but another year has passed, and Christmas is fast approaching. People are more than ready to jump into the merriment, bond with friends and family, be grateful for the blessings they’ve received, and be… stressed?

While December 25 marks the season to be jolly, the days leading to it can be the exact opposite. Preparing for one of the grandest holidays is nothing short of hectic. From listing down giftees and buying them appropriate presents to cooking the best dishes to serve the family, not to mention the pressure of ensuring the house is extra clean for the guests, Christmas isn’t a relaxing ordeal.

The best way to finish the frantic preparation period and avoid panicking on Christmas Eve is by beginning as early as now. Take one taxing chore off the plate with this easy-to-follow cleaning process:

Put Everything Away

Cleaning is the easiest when nothing gets in the way. To start an easy and smooth cleaning process, homeowners must organize their houses so they don’t have to work around unnecessary items.

Before starting anything, homeowners can quickly go around the entire house and put everything where they belong. For unnecessary and broken items being scattered around, they can put them away in a box to dispose of. This procedure aims to ensure nothing will get in the way and slow the cleaning process down. Decluttering will not only make the cleaning process more manageable, but it will also make more space for the celebration afterward.

If the homeowner is someone who takes time to consider whether they should keep an item or throw them away, they can always start by segregating scattered objects into boxes. They can temporarily keep these away and return later for more thorough checking.

Examine Surfaces

This big Christmas clean-up can also be the perfect opportunity to notice anything off with the house’s structure. Since everyone’s aiming to make the house spotless, they can be extra observant of any damage or dirt that’s long been unnoticed. This is why it’s vital to clean up as early as possible. So if there are any consequential damages, they can be fixed before Christmas Eve falls.

Homeowners may commonly notice damage on their walls, being the most exposed part of the house. They may see holes or water damage all over.

In this case, homeowners can opt for the safest and most effective solution rather than simply repainting or putting a plaster over these damages. They can contact drywall companies for reparations. Companies like GMP Construction LLC, a drywall installer in Dundalk, MD, can help ensure the Christmas season is merry and safe.

Bathroom Scrubbing

When it comes to holiday clean-ups, most homeowners may only focus on the “outside” or the typically exposed rooms. But thinking about it, the bathroom may also earn a lot of attention and visits. Christmas is the day when people get pretty excited, and one way or another, this leads to a lot of “accidents.” Homeowners wouldn’t want to relieve their guests in unsanitary bathrooms.

Rather than simply wiping the surfaces (mirrors and countertops) clean, they must also ensure the shower and bath get scrubbed. Even though guests won’t necessarily stay for the night and use these facilities, it’s still essential that they get cleaned and presentable for everyone’s comfort.

Dust Off Carpets

While they don’t present obvious dirt and grime, carpets can be one of the dirtiest articles at home. More often than not, homeowners may only vacuum these once or twice a week and move on. Doing this does clean its surface, but it isn’t a thorough enough cleaning to clean every muck.

They can opt for a professional cleaning service to ensure the carpets are professionally cared for. But if homeowners wish to handle the cleaning alone, they will need a carpet steam cleaner and a lot of patience. For starters, they must diligently vacuum the carpets to remove debris and dust. Afterward, they can either wash these or steam-clean them.

Back to Organizing

Once the homeowners are done turning the house upside down and cleaning every nook and cranny, it’s time to put everything back together. The house must be guest-ready, tidied, and organized. They must ensure that things are where they should be and are presentable.

It’s essential to clean the house before the big holiday for a stress-free celebration. Homeowners don’t want to invite guests to their homes only for them to be met with dust and grime all over the place.

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